Thursday, May 29th, is one of my new favorite days.  It will be a day that I will celebrate forever– along with birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.  This day will be celebrated as one of the BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE!!! This day will be celebrated as the day butter changed my life!

Yep, you heard me!  Butter changed my life.

Body Butter, to be exact.

Yummy Body Butter that smells like Key Lime Pie.

Yes, From this day forward, Thursday May 29th, will be known as “THE best day of my life!”  (Well, along with my Wedding day and the births of my children, but you know, you HAVE to say that!) Because that was the day I got my Body Butter Drench from The Sego Lily Day Spa.

Now I must admit, I haven’t had many Spa experiences.  I’ve always thought of them as “luxuries” and never made the time, or saved the money, to go in and get one.  You know how it is when you are a Mom and a Wife, you get in the zone, the “I-don’t-have-time-to-shower-let-alone-anything-fun!” zone.

Your day turns into feeding the kids, driving the kids, refereeing the kids, getting fruit snacks, playing with kids, doing laundry, more refereeing, more laundry, cleaning, cooking, more cleaning, more refereeing, helping with homework, more laundry and the The Hubby gets home and it starts all over again. You dream all day long of a break, but you know that will only happen when you get to make a quick run to the grocery stwaiting-room-fireplaceore, ….. without the kids, …..to pick up Toilet Paper!

This is where Sego Lily Day Spa comes in.  And let me tell you, for those of you like me, you feel like you just don’t have the time or the money for such a luxury,but let me tell you, YOU DO!!!  Because here is a secret,  …………..it’s not really a luxury.

Let me explain.  Food, water, and shelter are the basic necessities. .. . .  AND Sego Lily Day Spa!

I’m a HUGE believer in the phrase “happy wife=happy life!” From the time I first made my appointment, I  was happy!  I had something to look forward to!  Something to make listening to the kids fight a bit easier, to make potty training a bit more pleasant, to make laundry a bit less “never-ending!”  Knowing I had a Spa treatment made life SO MUCH BETTER!  And don’t we all need that!?!

womens-dressing-roomI arrived at the Layton location and let me tell you, GORGEOUS!! I was trying to take mental pictures of everything because I want to re-do my master bedroom and bath to be JUST like this place.  I mean the chandelier in the dressing room was amazing.  If I had brought my bigger purse I would have tried to take it home with me!   I took a tour of this place and it was magical.  You HAVE to check out the couples massage room with the bathtub!  Ya, you know what I will be giving  The Hubby for Father’s Day, it’s a present for me too!  YEAH!

I instantly felt at peace, sitting in my bathrobe and slippers in their sitting area.  I mean how could you not?!! There was a waterfall, fresh fruit, dried fruit, mood music, leather chairs, throw pillows, throw blankets, and wall sconces, – o my!  I was already so relaxed and I hadn’t even started my treatment yet!

The massage was A-MAY-ZING!! Ahhhhhh…….just thinking of it now takes me to my happy place! massage

My new best friend, Angela – the massage therapist, was such a joy.  In fact all the gals down there were!  No one yelled at me, no one asked me for fruit snacks, there was no tattling on one another, and definitely no asking “do you need to go number 1 or number 2?”   It was like something I’ve only ever dreamed about.

As I was getting my massage I was pretty sure that I was THE luckiest girl in the world to be pampered in such a way.  And then Angela started showing me that I had a bit of stress in my body and was pointing out some knots in my muscles.  She explained why our muscles do certain things, and how standing one way can effect something that you would never think about.  This gal was a fountain of knowledge!  I LOVED the massage, but I think my favorite part was when she wrapped me up like a warm burrito to let all my toxins escape.  SO WONDERFUL!!  She even took the time after my massage to show me some stretches I could do to keep my shoulders and neck from knotting up and maybe help me out with my headaches!

WOW!!!  I thought I was going in just to be pampered, but I came out of there CONVINCED that this was so much more than that.  That getting “pampered” is vital for my well-being.  I learned so much that night.   I learned that I need these treatments more than I want them( and I want them A LOT!) and the best part of this whole experience was my massage therapist  LOVES her job and I could tell just by talking with her.  That speaks volumes about Sego Lily to me!  To me it means that they have the same philosophy as me, …….only a little different.  Happy therapists=happy, happy, happy clients!

After my treatment I was driving home and seriously ALL of my favorite songs were on the radio.  I walked in my front door to my house and The Hubby and the kids put all the laundry away, AND did the dishes, AND there was chocolate pie to eat!!!  It was a sign from Heaven that I NEEDED this Spa Treatment.  It was like everything was made right in the world.  Life seemed easier, life seemed happier!  In fact, I took some before and after pictures to post on this blog and when I went to upload them to my computer my card reader corrupted all my pictures!  Like 1400 of them.  I had a wedding shoot, a newborn shoot and a family shoot all on that card and they are destroyed!  Normally this would have sent me into a crazy rage and I would have ended up on the 10 o’clock news, but I’m still giddy over my massage!   Now I can’t guarantee that this will happen with you, but isn’t it worth going just to find out!?!  I think so too!!!

So there you have it!  Basically you NEED to go to Sego Lily Day Spa.  And you NEED to vote for me to be the Sego Lily blogger.  Good luck to the other four finalists………but not all the luck, afterall, I really want/NEED to win!