Maternity Rituals

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Maternity Rituals

Your body is changing and experiencing unique stresses and strains. Our therapists are trained in maternity massage techniques to relax and relieve the aches and pains experienced by expectant mothers. Maternity massage will use therapeutic massage to support your physiological, structural and emotion well-being.
A maternity ritual massage is a rewarding and satisfying massage therapy and will address the main needs you have throughout an entire childrearing cycle, even beyond pregnancy. We will use therapeutic massage and bodywork to support your wellbeing including circulatory deep tissue, neuromuscular, passive, and active movement modalities, craniosacral and other body work therapies.
We address your physical challenges such as lower back pain, pelvis, or hips and emphasize autonomic sedation to optimize the stress reducing effects to relax mom and improve uterine blood supply for fetal and material outcomes.


Maternity Massage

30 minutes • $69
60 minutes • $109

An expectant mother requires special care. Our trained therapists provide a relaxing and safe massage that relieves tension and discomfort caused by pregnancy.

Maternity Body Ritual

60 minutes • $119

Enjoy a relaxing massage along with a leg treatment designed to reduce swelling and fluid retention.

*Expecting Mothers can also do a 90-minute treatment or soaking rituals with a doctor's note.
*To expedite your check-in time, please complete the form and email it to us or print it out and bring it with you prior to arrival.

It has been found that massage-therapy for pregnant ladies alleviates some of the rib tightness that comes from pregnancy and makes their lower back feel longer and less constricted. Massage tends to flush some of the density out of your ankles, and helps you feel centered.

It has also been found that pregnant women massaged twice a week for five weeks experienced less anxiety and decreased leg and back pain. Because of this they experienced better sleep, and better moods. When a pregnant women receives nurturing touch during pregnancy, they tend to have better labors.

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