Whether it’s for chocolate, theater popcorn, or even celery with peanut butter, we all get cravings.

There’s really no sense to it. Many times the cravings are for something bad for us.

Is there any reason a healthy body should crave something unhealthy?

What if cravings are our bodies shouting up towards reality, our subconsciousness communicating with the rest of us… but what could it be saying?

Those that came before us so many centuries ago had a lot of stresses; stresses we don’t really have today.  While they were worried about death, disease, food and shelter – every single day – we worry about shoveling the driveway, screaming kids, and a world filled with constant noise and chaos.

Our bodies and minds weren’t built for these types of stresses and it probably takes an in-tune individual to know how to stay perfectly balanced in the world we live in… for the rest of us the cravings might just be a way our bodies are reaching out to us, trying to navigate it’s way through all the chaos and tell us something…

What is your body saying?

Your body and mind is fully capable of facing this world successfully, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need a break from the chaos.  A simple indulgence like a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie can go a long ways to help us stay… sane.

Yet even a chocolate chip cookie represents stress, we hear all the time to eat healthier, avoid sugar, avoid butter, avoid oil, avoid eggs.  Yet that kind of stress can be just as unhealthy.

An hour at a spa is more than just an indulgence; spa treatments can melt away weeks and weeks of built up tension.  And afterward, we’ll have a chocolate covered butter mint waiting just for you, a bit of unhealthiness to top your perfectly healthy indulgence.

Which if you ask us, is the best way to live.