I am always up for a facial!  This particular one is unique in the fact that is only 30 minutes long, but you feel like you experienced a full 60 minutes or more. 

I was looking forward to this not only for the facial, but for my esthetician Haley. I had met Haley the first time when all the blog contest finalists were on TV to promote the contest and then again on the day they gave me the surprise party to announce I had won.  I thought she was just darling and told her I hoped I would be able to have her as one of my estheticians at one of my treatments.  I finally did!

She’s as knowledgeable as she is cute and I learned a lot about the products Sego Lily uses for their facials and why.

The Mini Refresher is a shortened version of a regular facial consisting basically of a cleanse, exfoliation,  mask, and a moisturizer.   The products used are determined specifically according to what your skin is best suited for.  Just so you know, extractions are not included with this particular mini treatment.

Since my first facial, I have really developed a love for the facial steamer and could just sit there the whole time with that wonderful hot steam on my face and leave it at that while I take a nap.  But I doubt that alone would do much good for my skin. 🙂  It is somehow just so relaxing!  I would love falling to sleep each night with the hot steam misting over my face. When they turn it off, I feel like I have been thrown into the cold, cruel world and want it back on.

Haley used a raspberry/peach combo scented mask on my face and it smelled luscious!  The only problem is it made me hungry and my stomach started to growl!   It smelled that good!  She also used several Rhonda Allison products.  I have been completely sold on that line and the Essence line due to results of other facials and suggestions from other estheticians.  Those products are amazing.

Haley told me about Rhonda Allison’s Growth Factor product that would be helpful for my skin.  She used it on me as part of my treatment and I could tell it really is a great product.  I have been using it since this facial and have loved it.

Even though this mini facial was pretty quick, I felt that I got the full benefits of a longer version.  I can see how this would be just perfect for someone who hasn’t got a lot of time but still wants to get a quality treatment.

It may be called a Mini Refresher, but I left feeling hugely refreshed!

Thanks Sego Lily once again for refreshing me even in a mini kind of way.  I have never once left your spa feeling anything less than refreshed!

Doing my Vanna White impression showing the wonderful display of Rhonda Allison products