Summer Specials

Guava Anti-Aging Nourishing Envelop your body and senses while restoring a youthful appearance with our anti-aging guava body wrap. This treatment begins with a hydrating drizzle of guava scented milk bath in combination with raw sugar scrub to both physically and enzymatically exfoliate the skin.  A Vitamin C body masque is then applied to tone […]


Book Now Book Now Shop Now Book Now Book Now Seasonal Specials Are Limited in Availability Booking in advance is highly recommended, especially for holidays and special occasions. Book Now Seasonal Specials Are Limited in Availability Booking in advance is highly recommended, especially for holidays and special occasions.


Keravive LET’S TALK SCALP HEALTH A healthy scalp is the basic foundation for healthier, fuller looking hair. The best way to achieve a healthy scalp is through proper cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration. This is why we love one of our newest treatments, HydraFacial Keravive. This treatment will leave you with a clean, exfoliated and hydrated […]

SkinStylus,25 SkinStylus Improve skin tone, texture and quality while reducing and minimizing scars, acne scars, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles. SkinStylus® Microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment designed to encourage cell turnover, produce collagen and fade hyperpigmentation. Our SkinStylus® device creates micro injuries into the skin’s outer layers. As these micro injuries heal, the […]

Diolaze,25,25 Diolaze The Diolaze Hair Removal Laser safely and gently eliminates unwanted hair without advanced treatment by reaching the root of the hair follicles. The FDA cleared this hair removal treatment to remove unwanted body hair safely. This technology is the newest on the market, resulting in faster treatment times and little to no […]

Package Series

Age Repair Package Has your skin taken a beating? We have a plan just for those who are looking to repair their skin. Microneedling paired with HydraFacial is a guaranteed way to repair aging skin.   4 Deluxe HydraFacial3 Microneedling with SkinStylusPackage Price | $1830 Book Now Bright & Tight Package A combination of services […]

 Waxing and Tinting

Waxing and Tinting Waxing is a popular method of removing unwanted hair. By removing hair at the root, new hair doesn’t grow back for up to eight weeks. While waxing isn’t one of our most relaxing spa treatments, it certainly helps many of our clients look great and feel more confident. book now TREATMENTS 1/2 […]

Sego Lily Retreats

Sego Lily Retreats We’ve paired some of our favorite Sego Lily treatments so all you have to do is relax. book now TREATMENTS Head-To-Toe Renewal 3 hours • prices are per person $245 Enjoy a 60 minute Classic Massage, a 60 minute Sego Lily Facial, and a 60 minute Sego Lily Pedicure. Book Now Girls […]

Nail Rituals

Nail Rituals Our pedicure rooms are luxurious and comfortable for all your senses. Toxins and fumes will not be part of your nail care and relaxation inside Sego Lily’s pedicure rooms. Pedicures provide you with reduced stress and better mental health. You also have the benefits of promoting circulation, improving nail health, and relaxing your […]

Maternity Rituals

Maternity Rituals Your body is changing and experiencing unique stresses and strains. Our therapists are trained in maternity massage techniques to relax and relieve the aches and pains experienced by expectant mothers. Maternity massage will use therapeutic massage to support your physiological, structural and emotion well-being. A maternity ritual massage is a rewarding and satisfying massage […]

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