Ionithermie Algae Detox

When Sego Lily called and told me I was scheduled for the Ionithermie Algae Detox treatment, I had absolutely NO idea what that even translated into or what I had in store.   I quickly did some research and learned that it is one of the newest and most popular spa treatments now offered at spa’s throughout the United States.   It claims to reduce the appearance of cellulite by giving skin a smooth, healthy appearance.   It’s main boast is that it removes toxins while improving your skin condition and firming up your muscle tone, as well as helping you lose inches.  Thus, the explanation for it’s popularity.  The claim is that it can do all this in just a little over an hour.  Shocking, I know.  Literally.  But more on that later.  It was invented over a century ago by a French biochemist and is being used all over Europe and the United States.

Entering the beautiful Midvale Sego Lily Spa

Sego Lilycurrently offers this treatment only at the Midvale location.  No problem for me since I always enjoy going to the Midvale Sego Lily not only because  it is beautiful inside and out, but I always love indulging myself for a bit in the steam room.  There is nothing like relaxing in a hot steamy mist that just pierces through your body and soul to release your tensions and stress.  Ah…  Make that a double ah.  Ah… ah…

Once I arrived, I got changed into one of their purple robes (which I love!) and waited in the absolutely beautiful and relaxing meditation room for my therapist Katie. Katie is one of only two Sego Lilytherapists that is specifically trained to do the Ionithermie treatment. She took me back to the room and began asking me some questions while answering the many that I had for her.  She then gave me a very thorough explanation of what the treatment would entail and showed me everything that she would be doing.

Katie also warned me that this treatment isn’t your typical relaxing spa “take me away” kind of procedure and to not expect feeling too relaxed during it.   So, if you are going into this treatment with the mindset that you are in for a wonderful relaxing experience to calm your nerves, then you need to re-think things before signing up.  This was not a relaxing treatment by any means.  In fact, it was “shockingly” uncomfortable at times.

The detox begins by first deciding which part of the body will be treated.  In my case, I requested  the outer thighs and caboose area.   Next Katie exfoiliated my body with a brush that was a little too coarse for my liking, but I just kept reminding myself that there is a cost for beauty, right?  She also used a vile of a very expensive golden formula, that I decided to call Liquid Gold.    Then a cleansing mixture that consists of seaweed, amino acids, and algae that claims to induce a chemical reaction that decomposes cellulite while releasing the toxins in the fat is applied.  It also claims to stimulate the blood circulation in order to help remove toxins as well.

Once that had been applied, Katie then wrapped the selected areas with cheese cloth and then applied an algae-infused clay over the top.  It would have been much more enjoyable if the clay had been heated.  I do not like anything cold touching my skin! Several electrodes are then placed on the clay, which serves as a conductor for the electricity. 

Katie did a great job explaining the science of it all and how one color was the galvanic current and the other was the faradic current.  She is specially trained in all this and I may have just totally shredded what she said, but suffice it to say, she knew her electrodes!  The galvanic stimulation uses positive and negative ions to remove toxins buried deep in the body while the faradic stimulation exercises the muscles to improve tone and appearance.

She warned me that the electrodes would be producing an electrical  stimulation to my system and that it might  be a little uncomfortable.  She was right.  Every four seconds or so, I would get a real shock that wasn’t really what I would call enjoyable.  I wouldn’t say it was pain per se, but not something very pleasant either.

Katie was able to control the intensity of the stimulation and so we experimented a bit to see what level I was okay with.  I had her crank it up a bit, but immediately had her turn it back down.  A little too shocking for my liking!  It would send a shock through me for about two or three seconds and then give me a break for about four seconds or so before it buzzed me again.  This part usually lasts about 30 minutes, but after about 15 minutes I was ready to be done.

The final step is to remove the clay and materials and apply a soothing lotion all over the body.  Then, if you are intersted, the therapist will usually check to see if you lost any inches.   I didn’t have her do measurements before, so it made no sense to do them after.   I wouldn’t be surprised if I lost a few inches though because my muscles were still tensing up very tightly after all that electrical stimulation!

This is definitely not your typical spa treatment.  I did not leave the room feeling relaxed like I usually do after a spa visit.  Luckily, I had the steam room waiting for me which always puts me in a very relaxed state.  That was the best part of the whole thing.  Heat!  Steam!  Warmth!

This is also a rather costly treatment at $140 per session.  Since results are likely to be better after a series of continual Ionithermie sessions, rather than just one, the overall cost may be quite high, depending on how many treatments you need.  As for me, I think I will stick to a wonderful pampering massage that leaves me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated afterwards.  But since this is a popular treatment, the cost to some is worth it for the confidence and self-esteem boost it may provide.   Losing a few inches after only one treatment is not unheard of.  But according to the research I did, the effects are short term.  It’s not uncommon for the inches to come back, but as far as the other changes, such as increased muscle tone, better skin and balanced hormones, many claim those are long lasting.  I personally had no side effects, though some people do experience skin irritation or redness. 

I left feeling "shockingly" relaxed and ready for a great day. I am sure the steam room had something to do with that!

I do have to add that when I arrived at the spa I had an intense headache, but by the time I opened that door to leave, it had completely vanished.  That was an added bonus. It must have shocked it right out of me!

Thanks Sego Lily for a very stimulating visit!