Even the word smells nice.

One of the greatest blessings of life to me has always been the wonderful aromas that surround us each day.  I have always been a fan of yummy scents of all kinds.  Maybe my olfactory receptors are just a wee bit more sensitive than others because I can become easily addicted to certain smells.  I used to love to sniff magic markers and model glue when I was a little girl.  That explains a lot I know.  And to this day, I love to take a big whiff of gasoline as it’s going in the car.  Okay, okay, so I know those aren’t exactly the most healthy things to inhale (though I can think of plenty worse!) and luckily I have learned to control the urge…usually anyway.  But anything from cotton candy, to fresh bread right out of the oven,  from a bon fire while camping, to fresh cut grass, can get me all giddy and happy.  Spring has always been my favorite season for one reason…the wonderful aromas in the air.  There is nothing quite as healing after a long hard winter than the scent of lilacs breezing through the air.

There is definitely a power in certain scents.  The science of aromatherapy has become a very useful practice in helping to heal and restore so many aspects of our physical and emotional well being.  It’s amazing how just inhaling a certain aroma can do so much to change how we are currently feeling.  There are scents that produce a deep calming effect and those that totally energize.  I imagine the power of aromatherapy is vastly under used in our world today.

When I call it a science, I mean a science.  I was amazed at the in-depth studies and vast information there is regarding each essential oil and what it has the ability to do.  It’s nice to realize that each essential oil is completely derived from nature.  There are no artificial oils.

When I arrived for my Aromatherapy massage, my therapist Sarah gave me a choice between four essential oils that I had to choose from.  I honestly could not decide because each one had such a great effect on me as I sampled each scent.

I tried to decide not only on how much I loved the particular aroma and it’s immediate effect on me, but also on what it’s therapeutic properties were, which Sarah explained in detail.

I finally narrowed it down to two and thankfully Sarah said she could implement both of them during the treatment.  That was a relief because I would still be there today sniffing one then the other, trying to decide which I liked best.

The massage was beyond wonderful, but the added bonus of the great aromas permeating the room throughout the treatment was very relaxing and healing.  I felt like I was able to relax even more than usual which is always a bonus during a massage.

After I got dressed, I decided to try out some of the other essentail oils that Sego Lily sells.  They were seriously ALL amazing!  I had a very hard time deciding on only one.

Sarah informed me that the oils are great to use in baths, as a diffuser, or to add a drop on your pillow at night before bed, or to mix with water in a spray bottle and use it as a mist in your rooms.

Eenie Meenie Miney Mo...

I can say that it did all that and more.  I felt so wonderful during and after that I honestly wanted it to last all day.  When Sarah told me that we were done, I was so let down I decided that I better go find one that is specifically for depression!  Luckily my sadness was only momentary because the ones she did use on me helped me bounce right back and be ready to face the world once again!

Thanks Sego Lily once again for an amazing and healing experience!  It was beyond scent-sational!