The Sego Lily Essentials Pedicure description on the menu reads:

Your nails are expertly shaped, cuticles tended, and hands or feet exfoliated and lovingly massaged, then polished to perfection. For those who receive regular pedicures and are in need of a pick-me-up.

You had me at “pick-me-up” Sego Lily. After a long winter of wearing socks and boots and sneakers and heavy shoes, I was in desperate need of a pick-me-up!  My toes were begging for some air and flip flops and a pedicure was mandatory and essential before that could happen!

I love Sego Lily’s pedicures!  They are the best I’ve ever had.  There is nothing quite like being made to feel like a pampered princess while someone else beautifies your feetsies and toesies!

How often do you get to just sit back and relax in an over-sized comfy chair with your feet soaking in lemony hot sudsy water while you listen to spa music and catch up on People magazine?  Not often enough in my world!

My cute esthetician was Janell, whom I love.  I’ve had her before and she is so fun to hang out with while I sit back , relax, and munch on the most delicious frozen red grapes and lemon poppy seed scones.

Janell gave me a sample of color swatches to choose which color I wanted.  They have every color under the sun (including that color!)  I narrowed it down to a metallic shimmery light pink or a deep red.  I decided to be adventurous and go with the serious red nail polish this time.  I almost always go with a boring French manicure or something purple.

It took some deep thought, but once I decided I went for it!  Red is power and my toes needed to feel powerful after such a long winter.

I could tell my toes were happy and were on board for some serious adventure.

I told Janell how the last time I had a pedicure, I somehow smeared my polish on two of my toes as I was leaving.  Luckily I discovered it before I left and they had me go back to the pedicure room and have my esthetician fix them.  Yes, I was embarrassed.  I told her that this time I took every precaution so that wouldn’t happen again, including not wearing the robe so I wouldn’t have to put my Levi’s back on with wet toes.

I was extra careful in the dressing room and kept my bag away from my toes since I think my bag brushed up against them last time causing the smears.  We joked about how funny it would be if she got a message that I was waiting back in the pedicure room because I smeared them again.

Well, the joke became reality.  Just as I was leaving, I looked down at my toes to take this picture and sure enough…I had smeared my big toe!

Really?    Really.

They called Janell from the front desk but she was in another room.  They had me go back and wait for her in the pedicure room.  As she came in, we both just burst out laughing.

She was more than a good sport about fixing it.  We were just glad it was only one toe.  I promised and offered her my first born if I did  it again before I got home.

This pedicure is accurately named.  It was ESSENTIAL for me!

Thanks Sego Lily once again from the bottom of my sole(s)!