I’ve just been stoned (Rocky Mountain style!) and I’m ready to do it again!

I have been anticipating my Rocky Mountain Stone Massage for months!  I was more than excited to experience a FULL 90 minute HOT stone massage!   I was given a taste of it when I had the Sego Lily Sampler a couple of months ago.  It was by far my favorite part of the sampler and I knew that I was in for some intense pampering!  That little taste seriously whet my appetite!  I was scheduled to have this one done at the Midvale Spa.  Since I didn’t get time to experience the Steam Room and Sauna the last time I went to Midvale, I arrived extra early so I could soak up these two luxuries!  The drive to Midvale would have been worth just the steam room experience alone, without anything else on the menu.  It was AMAZING! I want my husband to build me one in our house!


Part of the Midvale Steam Room

The steam room resembles a gargantuan shower, only without shower heads.  It has a tile bench inside that wraps around the entire room so there is plenty of room to sit or lay.  Sego Lily provides plenty of towels so you can not only wrap up in one, but wrap your hair up in one (if steam is it’s enemy like mine), and use one to sit on.  I was lucky enough to be inside all by little ol’ self!  That was incredible! I had a very stressful week and was carrying a load of burdens with me as I entered the spa.  I had a hard time letting them go even once inside the steam room.  It took me about ten minutes to just relax and let loose.  It was almost impossible not to with that hot steam saturating me from head to toe.  It felt like it was penetrating deep into my soul.  It was one of the most relaxing feelings I have ever experienced. The only sound I could hear was the steam coming from the pipe.  That in and of itself was very calming!

Once I did finally loosen up, I rolled up an extra towel to use as a pillow and laid down on the bench and just absorbed the healing penetrating steam.  img_5877I was able to control the amount of steam I desired.  I really cranked it up (one of the good things about being alone in there!) and had it blasting full force.  I had that steam so thick I couldn’t see my hand in front of me!  I started to get just a wee bit claustrophobic and so I turned it down a bit.  I REALLY enjoyed it!  The feeling of being engulfed in a thick, heavy, warm, wet fog was very soothing.  I would compare it to being wrapped up in a snuggly warm blanket with the one you love. ♥  Only in the steam room, you don’t even need your loved one to feel all warm and fuzzy.  It inspired the feeling that all is well.  I honestly believed it did heal my soul because I felt so peaceful when I exited the room.  The only thing I would do different is to go in after I have my massage so I could just zone out completely without worrying about the time.

img_5881I did reserve some time so I could also test out the sauna. I have always loved the smell of saunas.  They’ve always been complete with their own aromatherapy even before aromatherapy was invented.  I was able to lay inside and close my eyes while closing out the world and just letting go of it all. After the steam shower and the sauna, I could have just got dressed and gone home a new woman!  BUT…there was NO way I was going to fore-go my stone therapy!

img_5883After the sauna I went in the waiting/meditation room.  It was there I met Corinne who was to be my therapist for the day.  As we walked in the room I saw a big pot of smooth black rocks being heated up.  I couldn’t wait for those babies to be rubbed across my sore back muscles!


Before Corinne got started she asked me what scent of aromatherapy I preferred for the oil.  I had the choice of  lemongrass, peppermint, lavender, or the specially made Sego Lily blend.  Corinne thoroughly explained to me what each one would help with.  I had a hard time choosing between the Sego Lily one and lavender.  The peppermint and lemongrass seemed way too energetic for a relaxing massage.  I finally decided upon lavender…and no, NOT just because it’s purple either!  When she told me lavender promotes restful sleep, eases stress, depression, and tension, lessens pain including headaches, I was sold.  I am sure I made the right choice because the scent was so calming.

Stone therapy is an ancient healing art used for physical and spiritual balancing.  Those ancients were pretty smart!  The warm stones help relax the body at its deepest level using various massage techniques .  It is claimed to be effective at dissolving stress and creating a positive energy flow while promoting a sense of balance, energy, and peace.  In addition, hot stone massage can also help release chronic muscle tension and pain, reduce mental and physical fatigue, improve concentration, reduce anxiety, and reduce blood pressure.  Quite the resume for a little rock!   Those things are all great, but just that incredible heat penetrating deeply into my pores as the stones are massaged on my body is enough for me!


Corinne was careful to make sure the temperature of the rocks were just right for me.  Just having those smooth, heated stones placed on my skin felt incredible, but once she started to massage them deeply into my muscles, I was so relaxed, I was almost stoned!  This massage is the ultimate for someone like me who is a lover of heat AND massages.  The combination of the two is amazing.

The ancient dude that came up with this treatment was a genius! I am not sure I will ever be able to enjoy a regular “stone-less” massage again.  But, I promise I will give it a try!


One of the best parts of the whole treatment was being wrapped up so warmly and tightly while the heat from the rocks still penetrated through the blankets.  Corinne took great care to make sure I was experiencing the ultimate in comfort with my neck pillow and wonderful lavender scented eye pillow.  I was nearly out like a rock!

At one point Corinne placed hot wash cloths on my face and wrapped my feet in them.  That felt sooooooooooo gosego-lily-spaod!  I was so relaxed at this point that if a fire alarm had sounded, I would have been totally oblivious and told them to just leave me be.  Moving me would be like moving a rock.  I wasn’t going anywhere for anyone or anything!  This was probably the most relaxed I have been so far for any of the massages I have had.  I was so sad to see the end of this one come.  As Corinne was stepping out she told me to be sure and get up very slowly.  Trust me, there was no other speed at this point!   I was in slow-mo for the entire rest of the day!   Talk about feeling a little stoney.



Me with Corinne standing by the water wall. I'm still looking a little stoned!


Corinne and me standing in the gorgeous hall at the Midvale location. It is so beautiful!


Checking out the various aromatherpies.


Decisions! Decisions!

I need one that will ENERGIZE after being “stoned” Rocky Mountain style!
Be sure and take advantage of this month’s special on the Rocky Mountain Stone Massage! During October Sego Lily will be offering the 60 minute massage for just $73 (regularly $85) and the 90 minute version for $94 (regularly $110)!!!  Trust me, (at least for a stone’s throw) this will be worth every penny and then some!
The Rocky Mountain Stone Massage rocks!!!