I have bad news and good news.   To begin with, it is important to state that no treatment can halt the aging process.  =(   That would be the bad news… (lets hope you figured that part out on your own!)  I, myself,  have been experiencing a drought at the fountain of youth for quite some time now.  Time waits for no man, woman or wrinkle. Wrinkles are like bad pennies and old movie stars: always making a comeback.  But, even though those sentiments are the depressing facts, there are ways to slow down the process.  Enter Microdermabrasion.  Yes, that would be the GOOD news!

Kirsten, one of Sego Lily’s top aestheticians, is my new best friend!  Yes, I love her!  I mainly love what she did for my face.  I have to admit, being the spa rookie that I am, I was a little apprehensive (not to mention considerably nervous) about having my first treatment of microdermabrasion.  I had heard before that it can be painful and expect to not be seen in public for several days after due to a red and peeling face.  Well, I was wrong!   It wasn’t painful, though it wasn’t exactly pleasant either.  Not exactly one of those “spa”  treatments where you are as relaxed as a wet noodle and transported to another planet.  No…but, the after effects make it all worth it!

Kirsten was very informative and explained every little detail of the treatment before she proceeded.  I learned that microdermabrasion rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin. Who wouldn’t want a little rejuvenating of anything? It is a highly effective treatment for fine lines, acne, scarring, hyper-pigmentation, stretch marks, sun damage and more.  Wow!  Why didn’t I discover this sooner?!  Maybe there’s hope for that drought to become a fountain again!  It’s main purpose is to clean pores, stimulate collagen to improve skin texture (trust me, at my age my collagen needs all the stimulation it can get!),  promote the production of new cells in the deepest layer of the dermis (that would be your skin – the body’s largest organ that really likes to wrinkle us up for some unknown reason…grrrr!)  Why can’t there be a wrinkle drought instead?


Kirsten performing her miracles on me.

The procedure is relatively quick and simple. It is basically done with a tool that  moves across your face and neck shooting out a fine jet of crystals to gently and painlessly exfoliate your skin while a vacuum suction removes the crystals along with the dead and damaged skin cells in order to bring the healthy and vibrant ones to the surface, leaving you with new, softer skin and even skin texture.  The best way to describe the sensation is to compare it to a cat’s rough tongue licking your face.  If you’ve ever experienced that, then you know what it feels like.  If not, go find a cat and rub some tuna water on your face and then you will get a little preview of what to expect!

After Kirsten finished the procedure, my face felt like it had a slight wind or sunburn.  But not for long!  Enter the O2.  Yes, oxygen!  She used an oxygen machine with another little tool that released an extremely cool (actually very cold!) oxygen serum mist enriched with anti-aging vitamins that felt so relieving.  The temperature was a bit shocking to my skin at first, but as she proceeded, that cool mist felt oh so soothing and healing.  Besides the cooling factor, the O2 also helps protect the new, vibrant layer of skin just uncovered by the microdermabrasion treatment, as well as eliminating most of the redness and irritation.  After the oxygen procedure, Kirsten then applied some heavy duty Rhonda Allison (my favorite!) moisturizers, sunscreen, and other products that felt (and smelled!) so wonderful!


Though my eyes were covered and closed at this point, the ceiling in the room was incredible! I meant to take a photo of it so you could see what I was looking at while on my back but I was a little too preoccupied. Now I guess you will just have to go and see it for yourself!

One of the greatest advantages to microdermabrasion is the fact that it requires no down time, no real discomfort, no side effects and no recovery time. My skin felt vibrant and healthy and I noticed an immediate difference in my much softer and much smoother skin. I was still not sold however until she handed me a mirror and I saw the results for myself.

I was freaking glowing!!!

Avoiding direct sun exposure and using sun screen is highly recommended after the treatment.  Of course as luck would have it, I had a full day ahead which required sitting in the sun at my son’s football game (thank heavens for good sunscreen, hats, and umbrellas.)  Also applying full make-up, like foundation, isn’t recommended for about 24 hours after the treatment. But eye make-up and lipstick may be applied immediately after.  Thankfully Kirsten applied a special foundation so I could be presentable in public and then applied a bronzer that was seriously incredible!  She did inform me that I would still feel some of the crystals on my face for a while, which I did, because the suction isn’t able to get every one of them and some redness is expected after the treatment, however, this is not likely to persist for more than a few hours. My face was very dry and did peel quite a bit in certain spots for about three days.  But nothing that couldn’t be hid with make-up.


The afterglow


Applying the incredible bronzer!


My new BFF!

We might not be able to halt those nasty wrinkles, but at least we can go to war against them with those powerful crystal blasters and slow them down some.  Yea for microdermabrasion!  If you have even been thinking about doing it, I would highly recommend you go for it!  Gosh, why do all these spa treatments have to have such amazing results that they become so addicting?!!  Thanks Kirsten for revitalizing not only my skin, but me too!!!