I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect on this particular treatment.  It was a very simple and quick (30 minute) procedure.  My wonderful therapist Mary, led me to the pedicure room and had me place my feet in a foot soak that she had already prepared. 

Inside the foot spa is water, a saline solution, and an electro magnetic device called an array.

The plan was to soak my feet for a specified amount of time while it does its detoxing and then see what color the water changes.

The shade of color the water turns to, is supposed to be an indicator of what specific part of my body is in most need of detoxing. There was a whole list of organs and body parts, from the gall bladder, to the joints, to the liver, each having  a different color to indicate which one was being detoxed the most.

Now for the more “scientific” explanation.  Put on your Einstien hats with me for a minute.

Basically the Aqua Detox system produces a charge which stimulates the cells within the body.  The positve and negative charges in the water allow the body to attract and use negative ions to rebalance and release toxins.  The most convenient and effective way to release those toxins is through the 4000 pores on the feet.  Following a treatment the body will continue to detoxify for up to 48 hours.  Research has shown that those who receive this treatment have had increased: vitality, circulation, energy levels, sense of well being, and nutrient absorption.

Did you get that?  Good.

I was ready to put it to the test.  However, I was a little worried what the water was going to look like when I was done, but also eager to learn how “toxic” I was.  I hadn’t had my chocolate for the day yet, and so it could be ugly!  Unless of course, chocolate is considered an impurity and then the water could be ugly.

The water was very warm and relaxing.  It was nice to just sit and do nothing. I was in detox heaven.

Mary brought me some magazines and some delicious treats to munch on while I waited for the aqua detox to do it’s thing.  It didn’t appear to be “doing it’s thing” very quickly though as the water really didn’t change color.  It got a little bit of a yellow hue to it, but not much.

Mary said she had never seen anyone’s water stay that light in color.  I asked her what that meant and she explained that it meant that I didn’t have a lot of impurities in my system.  Hallelujah!  I was hoping that’s what she was going to say.  I was afraid it was going to be pure black like some of the pictures I had seen.  Or…maybe “chocolate” brown?   🙂

She added some more saline solution and we waited again.  It got a shade darker, but still didn’t change much.  Guess that is good news for me!

Does this mean I’m pure?  Well, of course!  At least that’s what I am going with whether it is true or not.  I know I felt much better with clear-ish water than if it had come out dark and black.

I do have to add that there seems to be some controversary over this treatment on the internet.  Some people swear by it and others swear at it, or at least at the promoters of it.  I personally prefer to stay controversial free, so I’ll let YOU be the judge.  Easy way out I know, but hey, I get to write what I want.

Whatever the case, I have to say I throughly enjoyed those 30 minutes of that hot and luxurious foot soak while relaxing  in a big comfy chair, munching on yummies, and catching up on People Magazine.

Thanks Sego Lily for another detox!