Ionithermie Algae Detox

Ionithermie Algae Detox

When Sego Lily called and told me I was scheduled for the Ionithermie Algae Detox treatment, I had absolutely NO idea what that even translated into or what I had in store.   I quickly did some research and learned that it is one of the newest and most popular spa treatments now offered at spa’s throughout the United States.   It claims to reduce the appearance of cellulite by giving skin a smooth, healthy appearance.   It’s main boast is that it removes toxins while improving your skin condition and firming up your muscle tone, as well as helping you lose inches.  Thus, the explanation for it’s popularity.  The claim is that it can do all this in just a little over an hour.  Shocking, I know.  Literally.  But more on that later.  It was invented over a century ago by a French biochemist and is being used all over Europe and the United States.

Entering the beautiful Midvale Sego Lily Spa

Sego Lilycurrently offers this treatment only at the Midvale location.  No problem for me since I always enjoy going to the Midvale Sego Lily not only because  it is beautiful inside and out, but I always love indulging myself for a bit in the steam room.  There is nothing like relaxing in a hot steamy mist that just pierces through your body and soul to release your tensions and stress.  Ah…  Make that a double ah.  Ah… ah…

Once I arrived, I got changed into one of their purple robes (which I love!) and waited in the absolutely beautiful and relaxing meditation room for my therapist Katie. Katie is one of only two Sego Lilytherapists that is specifically trained to do the Ionithermie treatment. She took me back to the room and began asking me some questions while answering the many that I had for her.  She then gave me a very thorough explanation of what the treatment would entail and showed me everything that she would be doing.

Katie also warned me that this treatment isn’t your typical relaxing spa “take me away” kind of procedure and to not expect feeling too relaxed during it.   So, if you are going into this treatment with the mindset that you are in for a wonderful relaxing experience to calm your nerves, then you need to re-think things before signing up.  This was not a relaxing treatment by any means.  In fact, it was “shockingly” uncomfortable at times.

The detox begins by first deciding which part of the body will be treated.  In my case, I requested  the outer thighs and caboose area.   Next Katie exfoiliated my body with a brush that was a little too coarse for my liking, but I just kept reminding myself that there is a cost for beauty, right?  She also used a vile of a very expensive golden formula, that I decided to call Liquid Gold.    Then a cleansing mixture that consists of seaweed, amino acids, and algae that claims to induce a chemical reaction that decomposes cellulite while releasing the toxins in the fat is applied.  It also claims to stimulate the blood circulation in order to help remove toxins as well.

Once that had been applied, Katie then wrapped the selected areas with cheese cloth and then applied an algae-infused clay over the top.  It would have been much more enjoyable if the clay had been heated.  I do not like anything cold touching my skin! Several electrodes are then placed on the clay, which serves as a conductor for the electricity. 

Katie did a great job explaining the science of it all and how one color was the galvanic current and the other was the faradic current.  She is specially trained in all this and I may have just totally shredded what she said, but suffice it to say, she knew her electrodes!  The galvanic stimulation uses positive and negative ions to remove toxins buried deep in the body while the faradic stimulation exercises the muscles to improve tone and appearance.

She warned me that the electrodes would be producing an electrical  stimulation to my system and that it might  be a little uncomfortable.  She was right.  Every four seconds or so, I would get a real shock that wasn’t really what I would call enjoyable.  I wouldn’t say it was pain per se, but not something very pleasant either.

Katie was able to control the intensity of the stimulation and so we experimented a bit to see what level I was okay with.  I had her crank it up a bit, but immediately had her turn it back down.  A little too shocking for my liking!  It would send a shock through me for about two or three seconds and then give me a break for about four seconds or so before it buzzed me again.  This part usually lasts about 30 minutes, but after about 15 minutes I was ready to be done.

The final step is to remove the clay and materials and apply a soothing lotion all over the body.  Then, if you are intersted, the therapist will usually check to see if you lost any inches.   I didn’t have her do measurements before, so it made no sense to do them after.   I wouldn’t be surprised if I lost a few inches though because my muscles were still tensing up very tightly after all that electrical stimulation!

This is definitely not your typical spa treatment.  I did not leave the room feeling relaxed like I usually do after a spa visit.  Luckily, I had the steam room waiting for me which always puts me in a very relaxed state.  That was the best part of the whole thing.  Heat!  Steam!  Warmth!

This is also a rather costly treatment at $140 per session.  Since results are likely to be better after a series of continual Ionithermie sessions, rather than just one, the overall cost may be quite high, depending on how many treatments you need.  As for me, I think I will stick to a wonderful pampering massage that leaves me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated afterwards.  But since this is a popular treatment, the cost to some is worth it for the confidence and self-esteem boost it may provide.   Losing a few inches after only one treatment is not unheard of.  But according to the research I did, the effects are short term.  It’s not uncommon for the inches to come back, but as far as the other changes, such as increased muscle tone, better skin and balanced hormones, many claim those are long lasting.  I personally had no side effects, though some people do experience skin irritation or redness. 

I left feeling "shockingly" relaxed and ready for a great day. I am sure the steam room had something to do with that!

I do have to add that when I arrived at the spa I had an intense headache, but by the time I opened that door to leave, it had completely vanished.  That was an added bonus. It must have shocked it right out of me!

Thanks Sego Lily for a very stimulating visit!




Even the word smells nice.

One of the greatest blessings of life to me has always been the wonderful aromas that surround us each day.  I have always been a fan of yummy scents of all kinds.  Maybe my olfactory receptors are just a wee bit more sensitive than others because I can become easily addicted to certain smells.  I used to love to sniff magic markers and model glue when I was a little girl.  That explains a lot I know.  And to this day, I love to take a big whiff of gasoline as it’s going in the car.  Okay, okay, so I know those aren’t exactly the most healthy things to inhale (though I can think of plenty worse!) and luckily I have learned to control the urge…usually anyway.  But anything from cotton candy, to fresh bread right out of the oven,  from a bon fire while camping, to fresh cut grass, can get me all giddy and happy.  Spring has always been my favorite season for one reason…the wonderful aromas in the air.  There is nothing quite as healing after a long hard winter than the scent of lilacs breezing through the air.

There is definitely a power in certain scents.  The science of aromatherapy has become a very useful practice in helping to heal and restore so many aspects of our physical and emotional well being.  It’s amazing how just inhaling a certain aroma can do so much to change how we are currently feeling.  There are scents that produce a deep calming effect and those that totally energize.  I imagine the power of aromatherapy is vastly under used in our world today.

When I call it a science, I mean a science.  I was amazed at the in-depth studies and vast information there is regarding each essential oil and what it has the ability to do.  It’s nice to realize that each essential oil is completely derived from nature.  There are no artificial oils.

When I arrived for my Aromatherapy massage, my therapist Sarah gave me a choice between four essential oils that I had to choose from.  I honestly could not decide because each one had such a great effect on me as I sampled each scent.

I tried to decide not only on how much I loved the particular aroma and it’s immediate effect on me, but also on what it’s therapeutic properties were, which Sarah explained in detail.

I finally narrowed it down to two and thankfully Sarah said she could implement both of them during the treatment.  That was a relief because I would still be there today sniffing one then the other, trying to decide which I liked best.

The massage was beyond wonderful, but the added bonus of the great aromas permeating the room throughout the treatment was very relaxing and healing.  I felt like I was able to relax even more than usual which is always a bonus during a massage.

After I got dressed, I decided to try out some of the other essentail oils that Sego Lily sells.  They were seriously ALL amazing!  I had a very hard time deciding on only one.

Sarah informed me that the oils are great to use in baths, as a diffuser, or to add a drop on your pillow at night before bed, or to mix with water in a spray bottle and use it as a mist in your rooms.

Eenie Meenie Miney Mo...

I can say that it did all that and more.  I felt so wonderful during and after that I honestly wanted it to last all day.  When Sarah told me that we were done, I was so let down I decided that I better go find one that is specifically for depression!  Luckily my sadness was only momentary because the ones she did use on me helped me bounce right back and be ready to face the world once again!

Thanks Sego Lily once again for an amazing and healing experience!  It was beyond scent-sational!


Detoxifying Foot Bath

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect on this particular treatment.  It was a very simple and quick (30 minute) procedure.  My wonderful therapist Mary, led me to the pedicure room and had me place my feet in a foot soak that she had already prepared. 

Inside the foot spa is water, a saline solution, and an electro magnetic device called an array.

The plan was to soak my feet for a specified amount of time while it does its detoxing and then see what color the water changes.

The shade of color the water turns to, is supposed to be an indicator of what specific part of my body is in most need of detoxing. There was a whole list of organs and body parts, from the gall bladder, to the joints, to the liver, each having  a different color to indicate which one was being detoxed the most.

Now for the more “scientific” explanation.  Put on your Einstien hats with me for a minute.

Basically the Aqua Detox system produces a charge which stimulates the cells within the body.  The positve and negative charges in the water allow the body to attract and use negative ions to rebalance and release toxins.  The most convenient and effective way to release those toxins is through the 4000 pores on the feet.  Following a treatment the body will continue to detoxify for up to 48 hours.  Research has shown that those who receive this treatment have had increased: vitality, circulation, energy levels, sense of well being, and nutrient absorption.

Did you get that?  Good.

I was ready to put it to the test.  However, I was a little worried what the water was going to look like when I was done, but also eager to learn how “toxic” I was.  I hadn’t had my chocolate for the day yet, and so it could be ugly!  Unless of course, chocolate is considered an impurity and then the water could be ugly.

The water was very warm and relaxing.  It was nice to just sit and do nothing. I was in detox heaven.

Mary brought me some magazines and some delicious treats to munch on while I waited for the aqua detox to do it’s thing.  It didn’t appear to be “doing it’s thing” very quickly though as the water really didn’t change color.  It got a little bit of a yellow hue to it, but not much.

Mary said she had never seen anyone’s water stay that light in color.  I asked her what that meant and she explained that it meant that I didn’t have a lot of impurities in my system.  Hallelujah!  I was hoping that’s what she was going to say.  I was afraid it was going to be pure black like some of the pictures I had seen.  Or…maybe “chocolate” brown?   🙂

She added some more saline solution and we waited again.  It got a shade darker, but still didn’t change much.  Guess that is good news for me!

Does this mean I’m pure?  Well, of course!  At least that’s what I am going with whether it is true or not.  I know I felt much better with clear-ish water than if it had come out dark and black.

I do have to add that there seems to be some controversary over this treatment on the internet.  Some people swear by it and others swear at it, or at least at the promoters of it.  I personally prefer to stay controversial free, so I’ll let YOU be the judge.  Easy way out I know, but hey, I get to write what I want.

Whatever the case, I have to say I throughly enjoyed those 30 minutes of that hot and luxurious foot soak while relaxing  in a big comfy chair, munching on yummies, and catching up on People Magazine.

Thanks Sego Lily for another detox!


Mini Refresher Facial

I am always up for a facial!  This particular one is unique in the fact that is only 30 minutes long, but you feel like you experienced a full 60 minutes or more. 

I was looking forward to this not only for the facial, but for my esthetician Haley. I had met Haley the first time when all the blog contest finalists were on TV to promote the contest and then again on the day they gave me the surprise party to announce I had won.  I thought she was just darling and told her I hoped I would be able to have her as one of my estheticians at one of my treatments.  I finally did!

She’s as knowledgeable as she is cute and I learned a lot about the products Sego Lily uses for their facials and why.

The Mini Refresher is a shortened version of a regular facial consisting basically of a cleanse, exfoliation,  mask, and a moisturizer.   The products used are determined specifically according to what your skin is best suited for.  Just so you know, extractions are not included with this particular mini treatment.

Since my first facial, I have really developed a love for the facial steamer and could just sit there the whole time with that wonderful hot steam on my face and leave it at that while I take a nap.  But I doubt that alone would do much good for my skin. 🙂  It is somehow just so relaxing!  I would love falling to sleep each night with the hot steam misting over my face. When they turn it off, I feel like I have been thrown into the cold, cruel world and want it back on.

Haley used a raspberry/peach combo scented mask on my face and it smelled luscious!  The only problem is it made me hungry and my stomach started to growl!   It smelled that good!  She also used several Rhonda Allison products.  I have been completely sold on that line and the Essence line due to results of other facials and suggestions from other estheticians.  Those products are amazing.

Haley told me about Rhonda Allison’s Growth Factor product that would be helpful for my skin.  She used it on me as part of my treatment and I could tell it really is a great product.  I have been using it since this facial and have loved it.

Even though this mini facial was pretty quick, I felt that I got the full benefits of a longer version.  I can see how this would be just perfect for someone who hasn’t got a lot of time but still wants to get a quality treatment.

It may be called a Mini Refresher, but I left feeling hugely refreshed!

Thanks Sego Lily once again for refreshing me even in a mini kind of way.  I have never once left your spa feeling anything less than refreshed!

Doing my Vanna White impression showing the wonderful display of Rhonda Allison products


Honey Body Polish

When I learned the Honey Body Polish treatment was in the vichy shower room, I couldn’t wait!  I had already experienced the Ultimate Body Cure in that room, and so far that has been my all time favorite treatment.  I LOVE the vichy shower.  It is one of those things that you really have to experience to appreciate.

After I arrived at the Layton Sego Lily Spa location, I got dressed in my spa robe and then went and sat in the beautiful meditation room.  I was feeling just like a little kid on Christmas morning, waiting to see what Santa had left!  Shortly after, my therapist Mary, came and escorted me to the room.  I was so excited to experience a treatment in this room again.  Oh yeah, I already mentioned that didn’t I?  

Once inside, Mary explained the procedure and I became even more excited.  After I got positioned on the massage table under my towel, she came back in and began with an exfoliation using a blend of sugar, honey, and scented oils.  It smelled wonderful.  The steam was already going and the room was very pleasantly warm. The true epitomy of relaxation in my world includes warmth of some kind!   The sound of the steam helped me feel completely able to let go of all the cares and worries I brought in with me.

Once Mary, (who was wonderful!) completed the exfoliation, she turned on the vichy shower with it’s many heads.  I love that sound even more.  There is something about the sound of steam and water coming  from a shower that takes me to my happy place.  I felt like I was in a warm tropical rain forest.  I was able to just zone out and enjoy each and every moment of this pure pleasure.  I knew that this time I was only getting 30 minutes of bliss compared to the Ultimate Body Cure which is a 90 minute treatment.  So I truly savored every moment.

I have to say one of my favorite things in life is a rainstorm.  The ultimate rainstorm is a warm rainstorm.  This treatment was the ultimate!  I felt that comfy cozy feeling I get when it starts to rain and then just pour.  In my mind I was caught in a very warm and blissful rainstorm, only with the added bonus of a little massage too.  Does it get any better than that?

Not in my world!

I was very amazed afterward how soft my skin was.   I don’t remember my skin feeling that soft and smooth in a long while.  And even though I really hated to see it end, and I was wishing I could stay for another hour or more, I am grateful Sego Lily offers this 30 minute shortened version for those days when that is all the time you might have.

The best part afterwards was not just the extremely soft skin, but taking that feeling of warmth with me into a very cold world and having it linger with me all day.

If you are in need of a little piece (or peace!) of paradise but can’t afford to travel that far, then try out this treatment.  It’s truly like escaping to a tropical paradise for a mini vacation. Loved it!


Sego Lily Passport Special Offer

Plan your summer vacation with us!

Take a tour of the Summer Specials and get your ‘Passport’ stamped for each special you receive! If you receive ALL of our summer specials between now and August 31st 2010, you will receive a FREE 60 minute service of your choice from Sego Lily Spa!

Don’t forget to get your official passport for services at either Sego Lily Spa location so we can stamp it for each summer special you receive.

The Summer specials that are included in this offer are:

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Mother’s Day Giveaway Winners

Thank you to everyone who nominated a special woman in your life!  We loved reading all of the letters you wrote.  We wish we could have given everyone a free treatment!  You all deserved it!

I am the luckiest man alive!  This doesn’t mean I win every drawing, game of chance, door prize, etc.  Quite honestly, I get slaughtered at every one of those things.  No, I am the luckiest because somehow, someway I was able to meet the most amazing woman in the entire world, get her to fall in love with me, marry me, and to stick with me.  It’s a good thing too, because she truly is my addiction. 

Many of us look back on our lives and try to pin-point the moments that really shaped who we are today.  Whether that moment happens in an instant or a grandiose event, it doesn’t really matter.  What matters is the fact that it was a time when something changed drastically.  For me, those moments have come in abundance and the changing event has guided the ship of my life through some very dangerous and perilous waters.  All parallels and euphemisms aside, these two events are what made me who I am today.  So what are those events?  The day I met my wife and the day I was diagnosed with Leukemia.

My wife and I met on a blind date and, like most blind dates, it was a little awkward.  But we still had fun.  I called her a week later and over the next 3 months we dated, talked on the phone for hours at a time, and were pretty much inseparable.  On Valentine’s Day 2004 we were engaged…at sunset…on the beach…in Maui.  So why does this make me the luckiest man alive?  We aren’t the only lovebirds to experience the whole beach engagement at sunset thing.  I’m the luckiest, because prior to meeting me, my wife had been engaged and had made one of the hardest decisions of her life…that it wasn’t meant to be, and called off the engagement.  I met her shortly after this and even then she still struggled with how hard a decision it was, albeit she knew it was the right one.  From my perspective, the courage it took for her to call off the engagement is something I will always admire; especially knowing how much it had hurt the other person.  I am the luckiest because, unbeknownst to her, she waited for me.

Shortly after we were engaged, I was diagnosed with Leukemia in March 2004.  This is the other event that makes me the luckiest man alive.  Knowing that Leukemia was a terminal illness, I was terrified that I would make my wife a young widow.  I remember telling her that her life would be much easier and better if she moved on and let me deal with the illness.  I told her this and told her to find someone who was healthy and could, with more certainty than myself, offer her a long life together.  She refused.  Again she waited for me.  She was the rock of strength for me.  She was by my side through some of the most difficult challenges someone could ever face in life.  I spent 3 months confined to a hospital bed, underwent round after round of chemotherapy, total body radiation, and eventually a bone marrow transplant.  It was the hardest and scariest thing I have ever been through in my life, and my then fiancé was there through it all.  I know it was tough for her and she had moments of hopelessness and fear, but she was there, shoulders square, head held high, and the silent comfort that gave me the determination to continue fighting.  Because of the Leukemia and the treatments given, the doctors told us we wouldn’t be able to have children of our own.  My wife, with all her dreams of being a mother and caring for her own children, still stuck with me, knowing it wouldn’t be possible to see those dreams come true.

Well, almost six years later, I look back and think about what life has presented.  Through years of heartache trying to have children and trying to adopt without success, not once did she ever regret her decision to stick with me.  I felt horrible for her, knowing how much she wanted to be a mother, yet neither of us could do anything to realize that dream.  Eventually, through the miracle of modern medicine, we were able to have children…twin girls.  They are now 15 months old and the joy of our lives.  They are very good babies (which I attribute to my wife), but they are also twins – double the pleasure and double the fun (work).  My wife is truly an amazing mother.  Obviously with twins it doubles the amount of effort and time it takes to get things done.  Yet, somehow she manages to stay on top of everything around the house:  all the cooking, cleaning, meals, exercise, reading, playing, and teaching our girls.  I can’t believe all the things she gets done in a day.  When I have the girls, all I can get done is the playing J.  She truly is an amazing mother and homemaker.

On top of the domestic stuff, my wife is one of the truest, kindest, most sincere, loving people you will ever meet.  I remember having a conversation when we were dating where we were talking about changing your personality to fit the person you were dating.  I remember telling her I hoped she never changed because I had fallen in love with her, not anyone else, and certainly not the person she thought I wanted her to be.  I am the luckiest because SHE is exactly the right person for me, her and no one else. 

Anyway, I don’t mean bore you with a long list of things that make my wife deserving of a little pampering, whether the pampering comes from a giveaway or not.  In my mind, if I could, I would give her everything under the sun…and more.  I hope, in some small way, that I have demonstrated the type of person she is and I’ll sum it all up by repeating what I’ve already said, “I am the luckiest man alive.”


-Brad Ross

One Year ago my cousin Laeci Bird gave birth to who appeared to be a healthy baby boy who she named Cooper. Very little time passed after he was born that the doctors discovered that something serious was wrong with him and he was care flighted to Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. He was diagnosed with Hersbrungs Syndrome. Hersbrungs Syndrome is a birth defect of the large intestine where the child is missing the nerve ceels in part of the intestine that help push stools through and out of the body. He was fitted with a colostomy bag and told he would have to have surgery to fix his bowels when he was 1 year old. His mother and father were devestated, but have pushed through all his ordeals with enormous strength. Laeci has been in and out of the hospital more than a dozen times with her son in the past year, most of which they had to stay for weeks at a time. Even tho she and her little family have been through so much, they are still very positive people and strive to live good lives and give their son the best.

In addition to everything she’s been through with little Cooper, a couple months ago they had to move in with her husband’s parents because their medical bills were so overwhelming that they could no longer afford their own place. Even with medical debt consolidation and insurance their medical bills total over $100,000.

I think Laeci deserves a spa treatment for mother’s day because of the tremendous courage she has shown her young child by helping him and staying with him all through all their hospital stays and visits, and because of the strength she’s shown throughout everything they’ve been through in the past year. She’s been her family’s light through everything. She is a wonderful mother and has been through alot. After being through so much Cooper has a hard time being away from her and she cannot get a moment’s peace without him. His last surgery was last week and now that things are calming down he’s finally letting other people be around him and it would be awesome for her if she could get some time away. Please pick my cousin Laeci Bird!

Thank You!,

-Kate Moore

I would like to nominate my mom Linda Oberle for the mothers day giveaway. She deserves it because she is the most caring mom and the most selfless person in the world. She always puts everyone elses needs before her own. Even now that I am grown up I consider her my best friend. She is always there to support me and listen to me and give me advice. She has been through alot in the past year to make her doubt her abilities as a mother and I just want her to know how great of a mom she really is. Last April, my younger brother made a poor decision and decided to drink and drive. He caused an accident and the person he hit did not survive the accident. As a result of that he is serving time in prison. My mom partly blames herself and feels as a parent she must have done something wrong for him to have made that choice. She goes down to visit him in prison at least once a week even though its a 2 hour drive away. Her love is so unconditional and I would like to show her how much she is really appreciated and how I can’t imagine going through life without her. On behalf of my brother and myself we again would like to nominate her to show her our love.

Also she deserves to be pampered!



I would like to nominate my wife, Mackenzie Dye, for a 90 minute massage. She is the glue that holds our family together. Our son was born in March 2008 and had many complications. He had a fractured skull and had weak muscle tone. He went into the NICU and also was born with clubfoot. Hours after her c-section she was walking around so she could be near her son. Pushing through the pain so she could visit him in the NICU. Shortly after he came home we were stationed in Germany and had our son treated for the clubfoot there except they did it wrong. So she found the man who created the method and talked with him and a week later she was flying from Germany to Iowa to get our son treated by the best clubfoot doctor out there. When we were reassigned back to the states because our son was undiagnosed she fought to the bone to get the doctors to do testing so she could know how to take care of him and help him progress. She is the reason he sits by himself, the reason he eats solid foods, the reason he says the words he does. Finally he was diagnosed, because she pushed and pushed for it, with a form of Muscular Dystrophy. She does therapy with him every day while he screams and cries and has done this since he was only a few months old and you can see it in her eyes that it breaks her heart to do that to him and feel like she’s torturing her little boy. She kept it together and did amazing when I was deployed to Afghanistan. Before I left she did it all and had a job too! She makes sure I have what I need and what her son needs before even thinking about what she needs. Those are only a few of the great things she has done for her family. She is one of the strongest mothers I have ever met in my life and truly deserves to win.

Thank you,

-Sean and Blake

(Husband and son)

Mother’s Day Giveaway!

Mother’s Day Giveaway!

We’re giving five lucky Moms a FREE treatment

This Mother’s Day, Sego Lily Spa  has a fantastic opportunity for you to share your story about an amazing woman in your life.  We want to give your phenomenal woman a gift  – because we all know she deserves it!  Send us a letter telling us what service you feel she most deserves.  Send your nomination emails to  We need your nominations by Wednesday May 5th so we can choose and notify winners by Friday May 7th.  Don’t forget that Mother’s Day is early this year – May 9th!

Native American Body Balancer

The name of this treatment was very intriguing to me.  Native American Body Balance. I know that  massages are definitely good for the body, but as far as restoring balance, I’ve always associated that with the mind.  It seems our minds tend to get out of balance very easily these days. There is always so much going into them that we need to either process or spew.  Therefore, massages really balance my mind every bit as much (if not more so) than my body.  I think it’s because I am almost forced to relax for a time and shut out the rest of the world.  Of course, mind, body, and spirit all go together and it’s hard to have one out of balance without it affecting the other two.

It appears the Native Americans have always understood this. I have always admired their ancient art of healing, and my curiosity got me wondering how important massage was to their culture.  So, I did a little research on their beliefs in healing and restoring balance, wondering if massage really was a part of it.  To my delight, I learned that it played a very prominate role in their practices.

Their traditional healing art uses a variety of techniques, including laying-on hands (massage).  According to Native American medicine,  health means restoring the body, mind, and spirit to balance and wholeness.  Massage and healing touch are still practiced by Native healers throughout North and South America. The use of their hands plays a big part in the healing power.  Cherokees warm their hands over coals and circle their palms on an affected area.  Sometimes the muscles are rubbed in a manner similar to Western massage, and to increase the healing effect the medicine person massages specific therapeutic points. (Ken “Bear Hawk” Cohen, MA. “Native American Medicine).

Sounds like a day at the spa to me!

They were (and still are) very wise.  And we have finally realized the importance of it as well.

Some people may feel that “pampering” oneself is selfish and it tends to creates guilt in them when the time and money is taken to do it.   But the ancients define pampering (balancing one’s mind, body, and spirit)  as a demonstration of self-love and self-service, not as a selfish, self-serving act.  We always contribute to society and others much more fully when WE are feeling balanced and healed first.

I must say I had really been looking forward to this treatment.  Mainly because whenever anyone from the spa asks me what treatments I have had so far, after my reply, they always respond with, “Have you had the Native American Body Balancer yet?”.  When I answer in the negative they usually follow up with, “Oh, you’re going to love that one!”

I finally understand why.  The primary purpose of this treatment is to exfoliate and soften the skin while leaving a smooth, more supple appearance (who doesn’t want that?).  Aromatherapy is also used to help to calm and reduce stress.  The best part of it though has to be the the steam shower that helps to cleanse and detoxify impurities.

I had this treatment done at the Midvale Sego Lily Spa with Aaron as my therapist.  The first part of the treatment is a body exfoliation using a Desert Mineral Salt that is gathered from Utah’s high-desert region.  Probably the same stuff the Native Americans used!  These fossilized (guess that means they are really old!) salts are rich in complex minerals that draw from deep within the skin’s layers to eliminate toxins and remove internal (stress and poor diet) and external (pollution) pollutants.  The salt, combined with herbs, organic botanical extracts, and a pure essential oil blend makes for a wonderful therapuetic effect. The salt is very coarse, nothing like table salt.

My only advice would be, if you have sensitive skin at all, do NOT shave your legs right before this treatment.  Can we say sting?!  My legs are hyper sensitive after shaving anyway, but I’ve never exactly tried a salt mixture on them after a shave.  Oh mama!  Kind of like swimming in the ocean right after shaving.  Take my advice…shave after!

The best part of the whole thing was the steam shower….well, next to Aaron’s amazing deep massage, and the heated neck wrap, and the wonderful scented lotion, and the heated table, and the…  Okay, so it was ALL wonderful!  But the steamer in the shower was delicious!  There’s nothing quite like hot steam pouring out, totally encompassing your body in humidity and warmth.  It instantly relaxes every muscle and cell in your body.  I would really like one of those in my own home.  I can only imagine what that would be like to come home to every morning after a freezing cold run.  Think how fast of a runner I would become just because I knew what was waiting for me.  Sounds like a great training plan to me.

I also must add that I didn’t flood the room this time with my shower retardedness. I am finally getting the hang of those shower nozzles!

After about 10 minutes of the steam (not near long enough!) and rinsing off the salt, I retreated back to the table.  Once Aaron returned, I received one of the best massages I have ever had.  I totally and completely relaxed.  So much so, that I don’t have a lot of details to add about that part because I was pretty much zoned out.  I did love the Shea butter he used that had a very yummy scent.  All of the products Sego Lily uses are top of the line.  That is obvious in the end result.   My skin felt the smoothest it has ever felt, with the exception of maybe when I was a newborn.  Guess we would have to ask my mother to be sure on that one.  I am sure it would be a toss up though.

Feeling very "balanced" afterwards.

Loved this treatment!  It’s amazing how smooth your skin can feel (and for such a long period of time) after being completely exfoliated.  And I finally figured out the “body balance” part!  Normally only our faces, hands, and maybe our arms are exfoliated, leaving the rest of our body deprived.  With this treatment however, legs, elbows, ankles, stomach, back, neck, and even toes get in on the fun.  Thus balancing it all out.  After this, I was so balanced I could have walked a tight rope backwards while blindfolded.

Thanks once again Sego Lily for balancing not only my mind and spirit, but also my body.  That’s a balancing act if there ever was one.


*Harvest Facial*

Sego Lily Harvest Facial. Sounds yummy!

Well it was, though not for my tummy, but for my face.  It was fed and nourished and hydrated and served a buffet of wonderful fruits, vegetables, and herbs!  Mmm…

It did smell good enough to eat though!

This facial is a deep cleansing session enriched with a custom blend of seasonal fruits, vegetables, and herbs to nourish the skin.  A wonderful and relaxing face, scalp, and arm or foot massage makes it complete.

My darling Esthetician was Alicia.

She was very good to inform me about each step and product used along the way.  As the “blogger”, I tend to ask a lot of questions so I will be able to write about it later.  Since taking notes is not exactly conducive to what I am doing while at the spa, sometimes I forget and ask the same question more than once.   The Sego Lily therapists and estheticians are always so patient and sweet about it.  Alicia was no exception.

I truly appreciated the personal care she gave me and how individualized the products were she chose to use on my skin.  I always leave Sego Lily feeling much more educated about what my own personal needs are and what products are best for my age and skin type.

As a typical facial goes, my face was given a deep cleansing with amazing products and then exfoliated using a berry mask. This was the first facial I was able to experience what an extraction feels like.  Not bad at all.  A little pinch, but since I only needed one or two, it was no big deal. 

I really loved the feeling of the steamer as it penetrates deep into my skin to open up my pores.  And the moisturizing products Alicia used (mostly Rhonda Allison with some Eminence) were so hydrating that my face felt like it was getting a big drink of water after being in the desert for a week.  I think it slurped them up instantly!

I’ve said it before, but the hot wash cloths placed on my face during the treatments are one of my favorite parts of a facial.  The ones placed on my feet are even better!  Oh, what a sensation.  I love the heat that penetrates deeply through the cloth, feeling like it goes directly into my soul!  That, coupled with a face and scalp massage, along with a foot (or arm) rub is the ultimate in bliss.  My only complaint is that they don’t last longer.  Maybe they need to offer a three or four hour facial? Okay, totally unrealistic, but I would sign up!

I absolutely LOVE the Rhonda Allison products that Sego Lily sells and they have now become part of my daily skin care regimen.  I believe they are the best products I have used on my skin, and I have run the gamet when it comes to trying new products.   Alicia informed me what products would work best for my particular needs, which becomes such a time and money saver because I don’t have to guess what I think will be best for my skin.  Which, of course, saves a lot of waste and money since I get the right product everytime.  That is one of the best things about having a facial with a master esthetician.

Facials have a way of making you feel about 10 years younger as you step out the door.  It doesn’t matter if you necessarily look 10 years younger (though they definitely make you look better than before!), it just matters that you feel younger.  Feeling younger puts a little skip in your step and makes your whole world seem better.

The best part of all is knowing that you are doing something very good for your skin and that it will hopefully thank you with results.  That is, of course, if you continue to pamper your face at home as well.

As far as facials go, this is one of the best.  I absolutely loved everything about it (even the extractions!)

The “bag lady”…bagging my old products for the best.

Thanks Sego Lily for making the world a little more beautiful one facial at a time!