I could not have been more excited to receive my very first professional facial!  It was with great anticipation that I left my house to head to the Midvale Sego Lily Day Spa.  I had never been to the Midvale location, but had heard many great things about it.  Even though it was a much longer drive for me, I was okay with it because I knew it would be every bit as luxurious as the Layton spa.

I’m just a wee bit excited for my very first facial!

Waterfall wall in Midvale Spa entry way

My expectations were not only met, but surpassed.   Once I saw the waterfall wall upon my entrance, I was hooked!  There is something about the sound and sight of water trickling down in a beautiful setting that is just so relaxing and comforting.  I would have been rejuvenated just by soaking that in all by itself.  But who wants to do THAT?  After all, I had a facial on the menu today!


Meditation room in Midvale Spa

This place was absolutely gorgeous and so beautifully decorated specifically to make you feel completely at home.  And as we all know, being at home is where we relax the best!  There were so many big comfy chairs and pillows and couches and places to sit, that there was no excuse to not find the spot that felt “just right”…ahh.  I tried out several different seats and my only regret is that I didn’t have more time to just sit and let the thoughts seep out as I lounged and meditated.  And to top it all off there was another wall of water!  Loved that!  The peaceful sounds of that wall took me away into a wonderful place with a tropical stream or a creek flowing peacefully down the mountain.  Serenity at it’s best!


Waterfall wall in meditation room and PURPLE robe!

Now I know I am being a little prejudiced here, but I have to say the very best part of the Midvale location is the fact that they have PURPLE ROBES!!! Yes, purple!  Once I put that regal color on, I truly felt like royalty…like the pampered princess I was so hoping to be when I first entered this contest. That purple robe totally sealed the deal for me!  img_5400

I was liking this!

But wait! It gets even better! Inside the waiting/meditation room there was a table spread with a lot of very tempting (and healthy) treats! Fresh fruit, dried fruit mix, and even brownie bites!!! I am all for escaping reality, but I am sure glad there was chocolate in this dream! It wouldn’t really be an escape without chocolate.  And YES my friends…chocolate IS healthy. Did you know that dark chocolate has now been proven to erase fine lines and wrinkles?!  True story! And those scientists are not talking about rubbing it on the outside of your face like some cocoa scrub. Oh no, they are talking about ingesting it internally! What could be better?  Not only do you get the benefits of reducing wrinkles, but you also get to enjoy the taste while doing it!  Okay my spa peeps, there will no longer be any guilt allowed when indulging in nature’s most perfect food! Unless, of course you like wrinkles because it’s also been scientifically proven that guilt causes them!


Indulging in healthy chocolate (calorie free!) flavored syrup for my water!

I also found this great little station that has a selection of healthy syrup to flavor your water. And guess what one of the flavors was? I’ll give you a hint. It’s healthy and has been proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  Yep!  Chocolate again! Can you feel that guilt just evaporating away?!


Really, what more do I need?

Wow, could there be anything wrong with this picture?  Well, I’ll let you do the math.  Let’s see.  Waterfall walls, luxurious chairs, two huge fireplaces, soothing background music, healthy snacks (including chocolate brownie bites), chocolate flavored water, AND purple robes!!!  I was enjoying it all so much, I almost forgot I actually came to get a facial!

The facial I was to receive was called the Signature Facial.  Ashley, my aesthetician, came and got me from the waiting area and took me in to a room with dimmed lighting that smelled so glorious and had the most calming music playing softly in the background.  I immediately felt like I was on a vacation at some luxurious tropical resort. Before we even got started Ashley explained to me exactly what she would be doing and asked if I had any questions or concerns.  I did not and was good to go!

When I think of getting a facial, I think of only my face getting spoiled.  Not at Sego Lily.  My face wasn’t the only thing getting pampered.  My hands, feet, legs, neck, arms, and back got the royal treatment as well.   I have to say the hand massage is now on the top of my list for one of my new favorite things.  Ashley had the perfect touch as she rubbed some wonderful scented lotions on me and then massaged them deep into the pores of my hands.  I was astonished how wonderful a little hand massage can be.   The rest was just as fabulous but I left wanting even more of the hand massage.  I’ve tried doing it to myself at home since,  but it just isn’t the same as having a professional do it that knows exactly what pressure points to touch and how to knead the tension out.

The facial was beyond marvelous.  This was my first ever professional facial and I can tell you right now, it will NOT be my last.  Can we say addicted?  It was pampering at it’s finest.  Ashley used products on me that contained vitamins, anti-oxidants, plant driven proteins, and firming botanicals.  The smells were absolutely euphoric.  She gave me a play by play as she went along and made sure I understood each step along  the way.  My face was thoroughly cleaned then exfoliated.  She used a machine that produced hot steam to open my pores and release harmful chemicals in my skin.  The hot steam was actually very enjoyable.  I also loved the hot washcloths being placed on my face at various times that penetrated the heat into my pores.  But nothing compared to having the pressure points rubbed and kneaded on my face, neck, and shoulders with the spa’s scrumptiously scented lotions.  Ahh… complete bliss.  We took some photos of the treatment along the way, but they didn’t turn out unfortunately.  Ashley said my face looked really good and I didn’t need any extractions done.  Whew…  Or maybe that’s not good because now I’ll really be eating all that chocolate without guilt!

Once the facial was over I was feeling completely and totally relaxed.  My face felt absolutely amazing and softer than a baby’s tush!  The lotions hadn’t completely absorbed all the way and when Ashley handed me the mirror I could see a glow that would have lit up the midnight sky! As I lay on the table, I was soaking in the peaceful environment while letting my mind drift.  I knew the real world would be knocking on my door soon enough and so I was enjoying the tranquility while I could.

As I walked in the dressing room I took a look at the incredible Sauna and Steam room they offer at the Midvale Spa.  I was disappointed that I was pressed for time and so I was unable to enjoy either luxury!  Next time I will be sure and allow for plenty of time to try out both!  In the dressing room they also provide curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers, combs, brushes, make-up remover, hair spray, deodorant….pretty much anything you might need to look presentable once again.  As I got dressed and re-applied my make-up, I was still reeling in the aftermath of the whole experience.  So much so that I grabbed what I thought was hair spray and sprayed it throughout my hair.  It wasn’t until I noticed that it didn’t seem to be holding my hair in place, that I realized I had sprayed aerosol deodorant all over my hair!!!  Baby powder scent no less.  At least it went well with my baby soft skin!  I’m just glad I didn’t use the hair spray as deodorant!


Sego Lily has everything you will need to re-groom yourself. Just be sure and use the right product for the right need!


DUMMIES NOTE: Read the labels of the products BEFORE you use them!


I was feeling like one pampered princess!  What a great way to start the day, week, MONTH!  Ashley talked to me about the products she used on me during the treatment.  I fell in love with many of them.  Thankfully they sell them right there at Sego Lily. I was really sold on the Rhonda Allison line of anti-aging sunscreen and moisturizer.  The sunscreen has an SPF of 30 and the moisturizer also has sunscreen in it.  As one who spends a lot of time outdoors in the sun, I was excited to find a sunscreen that I can wear under my make-up without it feeling like it’s sweating off as soon as I put on my foundation.  I have been using it daily since the facial and I am very happy with both it and the moisturizer.

I was not thrilled however, with the idea that once I stepped out that door, reality would be waiting for me once again.  I know, I know…poor little pampered princess has to face the real world.  But, I was most grateful for the incredible temporary escape knowing that it would sustain my sanity for many days after!  Once again, Sego Lily saved the day, week, MONTH!  I realize now why they named it Sego Lily.  The Sego Lily roots kept the pioneers alive during a trying time.  And it’s keeping me alive (at least sane!) too with each and every treatment I receive!  I have no doubt it will do the same for you too!