Couples ♥Valentine’s♥ Package

This is the treatment I have been looking forward to the most since I found out I won the Sego Lily Blogger Contest! The day they told me I had won, I was able to take a tour of the Sego Lily Layton Spa. The room I couldn’t wait to try out was the COUPLE’S ROOM. Inside are two massage tables placed side by side, along with an enormously deep jacuzzi tub, and a comfy LOVE seat! The whole room just screams romance. I was also informed on that day, that my husband and I would get to experience that room around Valentine’s Day for the couple’s massage treatment. I’m pretty sure a little scream of my own slipped out upon receiving that news.

Was I excited?

Do the stars come out at night? Are massage therapist’s relatives the luckiest people alive? Is the true meaning of life spelled C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E? I believe all of these questions are to be answered in the affirmative. So, YES… I was excited! It was six (long) months ago I learned that my husband and I were to be the lucky recipients of this great and romantic adventure and the anticipation has been building ever since..

The day finally arrived! It was a raging blizzard outside when we left our home. But that didn’t stop us from traveling over the river and through the stormy woods. The only thing that possibly could have stopped us from our long awaited pampering for two, was a vehicle without four wheel drive. But, since all of our vehicles are 4×4, we were in business! I’m not sure when I have appreciated four wheel drive more! IMG_0746

We got on our plush robes and waited in the beautiful waiting area until our therapists, Amanda and Cassi came and escorted us to the couple’s room.


Once inside we were able to choose what scent of oil we desired for the Swedish massage. This was a first time visit for Dave to a spa. He has never had a real professional massage to speak of either. That was about to change! Bring on Amanda! We were very happy to be able to introduce him to the wonderful world of massage therapy. He was actually happier than we were about this. Of course, if he wasn’t, I would be a little worried about him. I mean after-all, WHO in their right mind wouldn’t love a Swedish massage complete with aromatic oils, soothing music playing in the background, a dimly lit room, and your sweetheart enjoying it along with you right by your side? IMG_0747 Once again it appears I enjoyed my massage a little too much…


Cassi and Amanda waiting very happily outside the door after our massage to hand us our glass of lemon water. I think Cassi enjoyed it as much as we did! What great professionals they both are.

BUT WAIT! The fun and romance is not over yet. If you read the title, then you noticed it said ♥ Couple’s Valentine Package ♥. Yes, there’s more! The package deal is not only a couple’s Swedish massage, but a couple’s pedicure as well.

Okay so the word “pedicure” did not give Dave warm fuzzies all over. He wasn’t real thrilled about the idea of himself having a pedicure. Even though I explained how wonderful they were and how much his feetsies and toesies would thank him afterward (he wasn’t real fond of the words feetsies and toesies either), he still was not sold. Come to find out, many men are not fond of the word pedicure. The juries still out on the words feetsies and toesies. After much persuasion, (and informing him treats were involved), he consented to do the pedicure as a couple instead of him just watching me be the pampered goddess alone.IMG_0770

I’m almost positive just relaxing and kicking back in the very comfortable chairs would have been enough for him. But in came Gisselle and Jessica to add some spice to the mix.IMG_7054

When I say “spice”, I literally mean “spice”. The water was loaded with some wonderful cranberries and spicy orange slices and we were served the most amazing and delicious warm apple sections spiced with cinnamon and sugar, along with a trail mix including CHOCOLATE! Oh, and let me not forget the hot cocoa! It was supreme!IMG_7059

Sego Lily certainly knows how to add a little spice while warming you up!


Contrary to what you make think, that is NOT a boa constrictor around Dave’s neck. Even though Sego Lily knows how to spice things up, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t go that far. It’s actually a neck warmer. Just another one of their many little perks that makes the experience here so heavenly and perfect.


I think even Dave finally warmed up to this. What a guy!


My esthetician, Gissele, was very entertaining to talk to. Dave and her both speak Spanish and so they were having a lot fun talking even though Jessica and I had no idea what they were saying. That’s okay Jessica and I had our own fun trying to translate a word here and there.


I was the only one that got to choose my favorite shade for my nails. Dave decided to pass on a color.☺ For those of you that know me, it’s a total no brainer that I went with a deep rich purple shade. Of course, Gisselle had to apply it twice because in keeping with my track record, I smudged a couple of my toes before I left the building. She couldn’t have been kinder or more understanding about it.

This was the most elaborate and pamper-ish (is that a word?) pedicure I have ever had (and I can guarantee it was the same for Dave – since he’s never had one before!) Sego Lily goes all out to make sure this is an experience of feeling ultimately pampered and Queenly – or of course, Kingly in Dave’s case.


This Valentine’s Couple Package♥ was all and even more than I hoped for. What a great way to spend some time together with your sweetheart!

If you are a man reading this, then by all means hurry and call Sego Lily and get this scheduled for you and your honey NOW. You will score BIG! Trust me on this one. And if you are a woman, then you can either hint around by forwarding this post to your man OR you can call Sego Lily yourself and schedule it for you both. After the experience you will probably receive lots of chocolate from your man thanking you for “making” him be pampered. They all love it, they just don’t want to admit it! IMG_0782

Once again, THANK YOU Sego Lily for a wonderful Valentine’s Day treat! We ♥LOVED♥ it!


Berry Radiance Facial

I was scheduled for the Berry Radiance Facial at the Midvale location just a few days before Christmas. I was sure that I was out of my mind for indulging myself in something such as this (PAMPERING!) at the busiest and craziest time of my year. But another part of me kept saying that it was exactly what I needed at this insane time. So I drove to the Midvale Spa for some “me time” and a break from all the hustle and bustle.


I entered needing some help because I was so Christmas-ed out I could hardly take another step. Of course, SegoLily is always there with a smile to help out the weary and stressed.

My esthetician Janell greeted me warmly and helped me inside.

Dec 09 140

I went into the dressing room and changed into my luxurious purple robe and then made my way out to the beautiful waiting/meditation room. Once I sat down on the couch, I was already feeling less stressed and more like decking the halls instead of the season…or someone.

I began to unwind and relax and started to really look forward to my facial. Apparently I became just a little too relaxed…

IMG_6755 When Janell came out to get me for my facial, she could tell she had her work cut out for her.

Once we got in the room, she did an evaluation of my skin to determine exactly what she would need to do. She explained that every facial is really personalized to each individual according to their skin and problems.

She began by cleansing my face with the most incredibly delicious scented product.

Next, she applied an exfoliant that was blueberry scented and was also a detox firming peel. It is supposed to get really hot and stimulate the skin while getting the blood flowing. It was more intense that something I would normally use at home, but wasn’t painful…just a little irritating. The best part of this was the scalp massage I received while waiting for the exfoliant to work.

The hot/cold treatment was next. This is to bring the redness down and soothe the skin. That it did. It felt so wonderful.

Next was the facial and neck massage with another wonderful scented cream. And just so my feet didn’t get too jealous, Janell wrapped them in hot towels. What a great indulgence.


Last of all was the blueberry and milk mask.

The mask’s purpose is to soothe and hydrate the skin. Blueberries are great antioxidants that help fight the aging process. And as we all know, it IS a fight!

When I left that room I was feeling completely rejuvenated and refreshed! I was ready to step back out into the cold and cruel world once again and take on the insanity of the season with renewed strength. I even believe I let out a little, “Ho, ho, ho!” as I made my way to my car.

Thanks once again Sego Lily for saving my insanity!


Detoxifying Seaweed Wrap

The menu description for this treatment reads:  Brown seaweeds are mixed and applied to the entire body. A heated wrap intensifies absorption and promotes elimination of toxins. After a refreshing shower enjoy a nourishing application of moisturizer.

After reading that you may be thinking, “Hmm…okay sounds good, but I’m not really sold.” But hopefully after reading THIS, you will be sold.  I know I am!  This was a great treatment for not only detoxing but relaxing as well.   I know the main purpose is to detox the body, but I am here to say that it detoxed my mind even more.  And I was in serious need of that at the time with Christmas just around the corner!

The first part of this treatment is a dry brush massage thats purpose is to stimulate the lymphatic system prior to the body treatment.  It is a technique that is supposedly used to pull out negative energy in the soul and is claimed that it must be done before the body can let go of anything.  After this, the serum is applied to further stimulate the lymphatic system while focusing on the major drainage points.  The seaweed is used to stimulate perspiration, which is the body’s natural elimination process, allowing it to rid itself of unwanted wastes and toxins.  Sounds a little scientific, but it all translates simply into a great detox for both body AND soul.IMG_6746

Sarah was my darling therapist and was great at explaining the process as we went along.  I was expecting some serious bright green seaweed like I experienced in the Seaweed Detox Contour Bath, but this was a just a mild light brown color.   It didn’t have an unpleasant odor like I expected either.

Dec 09 135

Sarah applied a wonderful cleansing serum to my body and then massaged the dry brush all over.  It felt very stimulating and I could tell it was waking up my cells!  After that she applied the seaweed mask and then wrapped me up in plastic to stimulate the perspiration further.  I was then wrapped up in blankets and had a hot towel placed over my face.  That was one of the best parts.  I love to be wrapped up snug as a bug.


It was so nice to just lay there for a few minutes in order to let the wrap do its thing.  The table I was laying on was also heated, which I totally love.

After about 15 minutes,  it was time to “wrap” it up and experience the 12 headed shower.  Sarah explained the whole shower process to me before we even began the treatment. I must admit I was a little worried that history would repeat itself from my last spa shower experience when water went everywhere (including all over the floor!) because in my relaxed state I didn’t pay close enough attention to how it worked.  This time though, I listened intently.


Even though this shower had many more heads and controls than the last one, I was able to maneuver it with ease and I didn’t need to call for assistance.  Whew!  It also had a steam system inside that put out a steady mist of hot steam.  That was pure bliss.

After the shower, Sarah gave me a wonderful massage while applying a moisturizing body milk cream.  Only one word is necessary to describe this part of the treatment:  “Ahhhhhhhhh…”


By this time any toxins left  in my body or soul had now hit the road.  I was officially detoxed!  And it only took 90 minutes to do it.  Not bad, considering some of those other detox programs take months and months!  Okay, so maybe it’s not the same kind of toxins, but still!

I left the spa better able to face the toxicating holidays with energy and new strength.  If you are in need of any kind of detox, be it stress, occupation, daily life, chemicals, etc., then give this treatment a try.  You will be much better off after than you were before.  That’s a given.

It was de-toxicating as well as in-toxicating!

Thanks again Sego Lily!


Progressive Peel…very a “peel” ing!

I have to admit I was a little bit nervous for the chemical peel I was scheduled for. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t know if it was going to be painful or if I was going to have to hide myself for a week due to excessive peeling.

I am happy to report that neither was the case. Since this was my first chemical peel, aka the Progressive Peel on the Sego Lily menu, my awesome aesthetician Jessica told me that she would be sure and not be as aggresive as if it were my 4th or 5th. You gradually work up to a more intense treatment each time…thus the title Progressive Peel. For those of you that aren’t sure what a chemical peel does, it is basically a deep exfoliation using chemicals to enhance skin quality by removing its damaged outer layers, in order to create a smoother surface and improve its texture. The only real side effect is light flaking and peeling similar to a sunburn and possible sensitivity to the sun.

When Jessica took me into the treatment room, I was very excited because I was in the room with the cool ceiling! I had seen it before many times but never had a treatment in there until this one. I had to take photos of it because it would be too hard to describe. Add that little bit of ambiance to your already relaxed state and well…it just doesn’t get any better! Okay, maybe if someone like say…Johnny Depp, came in and fed me some exotic chocolate while I was in my zen zone, then it could get just a little bit better, but other than that, no way.





Jessica got started by cleansing my face really well. She also had the steam machine misting warmly to open the pores on my face. She then put on a product to prepare my skin for the chemicals. It was a little tingly, but not painful. My favorite part between each product was the warm towel that she wrapped around my face. That felt so incredibly good. She told me before she applied the chemical product that it might sting a little. I was happily surprised that it wasn’t too bad for me. She said the degree of sensation is different for everyone. It did sting a bit with somewhat of a burning sensation, but she only left it on for eight minutes and so it was really no big deal. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being very painful, it was only about a three. It did increase some as time progressed but nothing I would really complain about. I do understand that with each treatment the sensation or uncomfortableness will intensify because it progressively goes deeper.

While we waited for the chemicals to do their thing, Jessica gave me a neck and shoulder massage. The pain could have been very intense and it wouldn’t have mattered at that point. I was taken to another world and completely relaxed. I would compare it to having nitrous oxide at the dentist. You can still feel the pain, but you don’t care. Same idea here. It was wonderful. I carry all my stress in my neck and shoulders and I could feel it release as she worked her magic.

After that Jessica then cleansed my face again making sure to remove all the chemical residue. It felt good to be relieved of the burning sensation as she applied a soothing lotion of some kind and, of course, sunscreen. She then gave me a scalp massage. Everyone should be blessed with a scalp massage every day. I loved it! I love my hair played with because it feels so good. This was that feeling times 10.

Nov 09 207That really was all there was to it. Fairly quick and not too uncomfortable at all. And who can complain when you are getting pampered right along with it?

It is recommended for the Progressive Peel that for best results you schedule a series of 5-6 treatments with at least one week in between each. It is important to stay out of the sun as much as possible and to be sure and wear sunscreen on your face whether there is a lot of sun or not, as your skin will be much more sensitive to sun damage for a couple of weeks until the new skin is replenished. I was also warned that when it starts to peel and flake, to not pick or peel at it (something I love to do!) because it can scar if you do that. However, the degree of peeling for me was very minimal. It was more of a very light flaking.

As I left, I felt like I was glowing. And that’s always a good feeling! I would have to give it a two thumbs up as a very a“peel” ing way to fight the aging process.

Thanks again Sego Lily!


Honeydew and Paraffin Cocoon…I’ve been transformed!


As I arrived at the Layton Sego Lily Spa to recieve my Honeydew and Paraffin Cocoon treatment, I was feeling like a frozen caterpillar wishing for a nice warm cocoon so I could transform myself into a butterfly and fly away in the warm sunshine. It felt like winter had hit suIMG_6391ddenly and I wasn’t prepared for the change. I was looking forward to being wrapped up all warm and toasty.

As soon as I opened that door, I was feeling somewhat transformed already. Just stepping into the spa had an incredible and immediate calming power. Sitting in the meditation room didn’t hurt either. It was so nice to just slow down and sit for a bit surrounded in an environment of serenity and peace.


The incredible shower!

Jamie was my therapist for this treatment. She was very knowledgeable and explained everything that she would be doing. She showed me the AMAZING shower in the room that I would be using later on in the treatment and taught me how to use it. Since it had about 12 shower heads and three controls, I needed the training! They were everywhere. It looked like fun! After answering in the affirmative that I understood how it worked we got down to business.

First on the list was a loofah mitt scrub to peel away layers of old skin. This wasn’t the most pleasant part of the treatment by any means, but not too bad either. I was a little ticklish in places…namely feet and tummy! The loofah scrub helps prepare the skin for the rest of the treatment in order to enhance the absorption of the moisturizer.


Jamie preparing my cocoon

The next part is what I was really looking most forward to. Having very warm strips of paraffin wrapped around my body! I was curious as to how Jamie was going to accomplish this, but once she showed me, it seemed totally simple. She took large strips of a cheesecloth like fabric and dipped it in hot paraffin. She then let it drip off to a point where she could transfer it from her table to mine without dripping too much. Then she wrapped it around one section of my body at a time. It felt so warm and soothing! I looked like I was being mummified!

The paraffin enhances absorption, sealing in moisture. It also keeps you really still because you know if you move too much, you might crack the wax after it has dried! It felt so cozy to be all wrapped up in such warmth, but it got even better. I was then wrapped up in plastic and another heavy duty blanket. I was already on a nice warm heated table (which I LOVE!) and so I was feeling really snuggly and protected from any outside chill or cold.

Oh baby, I was loving this!

Oct-Nov 09 038

My arms been mummified!

I am the kind of person that can never get warm enough and this was the ultimate way to achieve it! The goal is to sweat while in the cocoon in order to remove impurities from your body. I did some, but not too much. I never felt claustrophobic or too hot. It was perfect and the best part was still to come.

After I was all tucked in and toasty warm, Jamie placed a lavender scented eye mask over my eyes and then massaged my neck and head. Oh wow! It had to be the ultimate in relaxation. Let’s see…laying on a heated table wrapped in warm paraffin and blanket cocoon, dimmed lights, scented eye mask, calming music playing in the background, wonderful aromatherapy scents everywhere, all while receiving a wonderful head and neck massage! I don’t need Calgon to take me away, Sego Lily already did!


Me in all my cocoon-ness!


Even though I could have layed there all day, I knew all good things must come to an end and it was time to emerge from my cocoon. Jamie removed the blankets and then the paraffin. It came off remarkably well and quick. It was now time to try out the awesome shower. Jamie reminded me again how to use the control and so I was confident I could handle it, but my confidence was short lived when I tried to turn it on and it began to spray out the shower door onto the floor!


I guess I wasn’t listening as well as I had thought. I was still wrapped up in my towel and knew I needed some help. Just then I saw the door crack open a little and so I called out, “Jamie???”. Thankfully it was her and she heard me! Jamie to the rescue! She was able to adjust it perfectly…meaning the water stayed inside where it was supposed to! She also made me feel better and not totally retarded when she informed me that a lot of her clients have problems with the shower because it’s hard to assimilate instructions when in such a relaxed state.

Ya think?

I was just relieved the water was now staying inside the shower! It was the coolest (although very hot) shower I have ever had. Warm water shooting from every direction was quite the experience. I would love to have one of those in my home, but then I can only imagine the water bill! I would never want to get out. After the shower, the final step was to have more of the Honeydew Hungarian lotion rubbed onto me again. I was feeling more and more like a butterfly with each step….er, rub.


I've got to get some of this Honeydew lotion! Yum!

Sadly enough, it was time to re-enter the cold and cruel world. But as I did, I felt like a new butterfly emerging into springtime feeling light as air! That feeling alone makes winter a great time to have this treatment. It was one of the best so far.

I encourage you to crawl into Sego Lily and experience the Honeydew and Paraffin Cocoon treatment. I promise when you have emerged, you too will fly away from there happy as spring! I know I did!

Thank you once again Sego Lily for another great transformation!


Black Friday 2009

Do you want a FREE 60 minute Spa Treatment?

It’s not a trick question!

Join us at either spa location the day after Thanksgiving, Friday November 27th, 2009 and with your purchase of $100 (or more) in Sego Lily Gift Cards we will give you one of the following:

  • If you are in line between the hours of 8am and 9am receive a 60 minute service of your choice, FREE!
  • If you are in line between 9am and 10am receive 50% off a 60 minute service of your choice.
  • If you come anytime after 10am enjoy 25% off a 60 minute service of your choice.
  • Additionally – Enjoy 10% off any and all spa retail products all day!

Both our Layton and Midvale locations will be opening at 8am (one hour earlier than normal) and closing at 9pm for this special once a year offer on Friday November 27th 2009.

Free and discounted services must be scheduled before December 25th, 2009. Only one free or discounted treatment per person and/or per qualifying purchase. To qualify gift certificate(s) may be purchased in any denomination and in any quantity as long as the total value equals or exceeds $100. Management reserves the right to make changes to this promotion at any time, without notice. Though we have no plans on doing so!

Happy Holidays!

Sego Lily Spa Management

Sego Lily Indulgence Pedicure


I’ve had a few pedicures in my life, but none like this!  When they call it the Indulgence Pedicure, they mean indulgence. First of all it lasts 90 minutes.  90 luxurious minutes of having your feet taken care of and indulged like they were the most important thing on the planet.  And for that time, to your esthetician they are!  There is really nothing I enjoy more than having my feet spoiled rotten.  Of course my favorite part of it all is the foot massage.  I wish that part alone would last the full 90 minutes.


The atmosphere is also very indulging.  I was given this treatment at the Midvale location and their pedicure room is very lavish.  When you are in this room you must feel pampered.  There is really no other way to feel.  It just happens.  The big cushy chairs almost swallow you in comfort.  I felt like I was a Queen sitting on my throne being pampered as to my every wish.


Nicole was my darling esthetician.  To start off she soaked my feet in warm water with some kind of wonderful scented product and then rubbed healing mountain balm into them.  She brought me out a warm neck wrap that was oh so soothing. And as if that wasn’t enough indulgence she brought me out a glass of ice water along with a plate of frozen red grapes and a lemon poppy seed scone.  Yummy!  Did I mention I felt like a Queen?  I’ve obviously been having my pedicures in the wrong places because I have never received this kind of pampering before.


Nicole then used a combination of exfoliating sea salts and skin soothing honey butter on my feet and legs.  Who knew exfoliation with sea salt could actually feel so good?  This was to prepare them for the nourishing butter drench massage.  Oh wow…there is just nothing like a foot and leg massage while being drenched in butter.

After that she took my feet for a little dip in some very warm paraffin and then wrapped them up all snuggly and tight in plastic and terrycloth to help seal the moisture in those now very pampered feetsies.


Next was the toe painting.  I requested the french manicure.  Nicole was very sweet and made sure they were done exactly to my liking.  She must have asked me a dozen times if I was happy with them each step along the way.  And if I wasn’t, she was more than accommodating to adjust them how I desired.

Ah yes, when it comes to the ultimate in indulgence THIS pedicure is the way to go.  Does it really get any better?  Soaking your feet in sweet scented warm water , having them massaged to your toes content then lavished with wonderful smelling lotion, and then leaving with both feet and all ten toes magazine cover ready.  No my friends it doesn’t!  What a great way to spend 90 minutes.


Nicole working her magic!




The frozen grapes and lemon poppy seed scone. DIVINE!




Another AMAZING day at Sego Lily Spa!!!

Get on your FEET and run ~ don’t walk ~ to Sego Lily for your Indulgence Pedicure! You’re feet will thank you ~ I promise!


Detoxifying Soak…ahhh…

Sego Lily’s website states: Our Bath Rituals will provide a precious refuge from life’s daily stressors. Relax and rejuvenate mind, body and spirit in gentle, healing waters.

Whoever wrote that, obviously tried one of these soaks.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when I went in for my Detoxifying Soak at the Midvale location.  It was only to last 20 minutes and so I was a bit skeptical how a mere 20 minutes was going to do much good to rejuvenate or even really relax me.  But let’s just say in that environment, five minutes would have been enough!   The surroundings are just so peaceful and relaxing even without any hot water involved, but add that to the mix and there is no escaping an escape.

Maybe it had something to do with my visit to the steam room first.   As I have mentioned before, there really is nothing like it to put you at the mercy of the relaxing fairies.  Even though I was only in there for a short time, it worked it’s magic on me and my engines were starting to slow down.

img_6210And of course the beautiful mediation/waiting room cranks the relaxing measuring stick up a notch as well.  As I entered, I made myself right at home (it’s really impossible not too) and indulged myself with some of their dried fruit mix (the bananas and kiwis are the best!) and of course a brownie bite.  Gotta have the chocolate going in order to feel like I have really been taken away from the cares of my world.

img_6209I also tried another flavor of their Pure Inventions Antioxidants. All of the flavors  (Green Tea Extracts, Antioxidant Fruit Extracts, Pure Antioxidant Cocoa) are scrumptious. The best part is they have no calories, no caffeine, no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives or alcohol and are gluten- free. You just add a squirt to your water and receive high antioxidant hydration in a quick way.  I like mine in hot water because it seems much more soothing that way.

img_6211Just as I was beginning to mentally de-tox, Corinne appeared to escort me to a beautiful room that had the ambiance of a blissful escape.  The first thing I noticed when I entered was the scent of  the ocean.  That scent immediately makes my entire body and soul feel happy.  I love the ocean.  It speaks paradise to me like nothing else.  I couldn’t help but let out a sigh with a long “Ahhh….” to follow it.   The second thing I noticed was how beautiful the bathtub was and the fact that it had royal PURPLE towels. Yes purple! Happy in abundance here!  Those who know me are thinking that I really should be de-toxing from my obsession with that color!

Corinne told me the reason the room was ocean scented was because of the freeze dried seaweed product that I was about to experience.  We walked closer to the tub and when I looked inside I saw deep green water.  It was actually very pretty.  She had already prepared everything for me.  There was a glass of ice water, lit candles, and very dim lights.  Sego Lily does everything very high class and this was no exception.  The entire room drooled…R-E-L-A-X! I was ready.  She explained to me that after she left, I was free to add more water and adjust the temperature to my liking.


I was feeling very pampered and that was before I even started soaking!  Earlier when I was told over the phone I was going to receive the Detoxifying Soak and that it would be 20 minutes, I thought, (as I said before) that 20 minutes is just not going to be long enough for me.  All of my visions of my cares and worries escaping from my soul as I soaked in a hot luxurious bath would surely take at least 30!  Once I stepped inside that very warm ocean scented bath and began to feel the hot water penetrate in to my epidermis as I released the world (and de-tox no less), I thought it would go too fast and I would not be ready to be done when my time was up.  But, 20 minutes was actually the perfect time.  Sure, I could have forced myself to soak a little longer, but surprisingly I was ready to get out, rinse off, and cool down some.


Corinne explained that with this product it is a good thing to sweat while soaking.  I did.  I’m not sure if it was due to the product or the fact that I had the temperature of water cranked up so high.  I like my baths hot.  Either way, I was ready for a bit of cooling down in the shower.

Corinne knocked on the door as my signal to get out and rinse off.  I sat there for a minute more, just enjoying the beautiful clean room wondering to myself why someone would actually pay to go take a bath instead of just doing it at home?  And the answer immediately came to me in the thought, Look at this place!” It is so calming, so peaceful, so clean, so beautiful.   No phone, no laundry starring me in the face, no one ringing the doorbell, no toilet in the same room screaming out to me to clean it, no clutter, no kids begging me to get out of the tub so I can taxi them somewhere.  Nope…none of that.  Just total serenity.  Total peace.  Away in my own little haven far from any and all stress.  Who wouldn’t pay for that!

And I must say one of the best parts of the whole experience was the fact that I didn’t have to clean the bathtub after!   That fact alone made my relax-o- meter burst through the atmosphere.

But all that is beside the fact that this particular bath uses a product called Alguomer that boasts it activates the natural process of fat elimination, removal of toxins and impurities, and provides a sense of relaxation and well-being. It is recommended for clients on a slimming or body contouring program.  Corinne also explained it helps purify from the inside out, drains excess fluid from tissues, accelerates cellulite reduction, improves circulation, energizes, and boosts metabolism.  Hmm… sounds good to me!  All I know is it de-toxed me from my stress for a while.  And that is worth every penny and the minimal time involved.img_6215

There are a lot of things we need to de-tox from that aren’t just physical.  I believe de-toxing our minds is as important (if not more so) than de-toxing our bodies.  And this short little treatment will do that for you as it did for me.  Yes, I would recommend this treatment for anyone in need of some serene time away from it all.  As well as for anyone that just needs to let go of the world and life for a brief time to rejuvenate their spirit and reclaim some peace.

Thank you Sego Lily for once again taking me away.


Rocky Mountain Stone Massage! It Rocks!

I’ve just been stoned (Rocky Mountain style!) and I’m ready to do it again!

I have been anticipating my Rocky Mountain Stone Massage for months!  I was more than excited to experience a FULL 90 minute HOT stone massage!   I was given a taste of it when I had the Sego Lily Sampler a couple of months ago.  It was by far my favorite part of the sampler and I knew that I was in for some intense pampering!  That little taste seriously whet my appetite!  I was scheduled to have this one done at the Midvale Spa.  Since I didn’t get time to experience the Steam Room and Sauna the last time I went to Midvale, I arrived extra early so I could soak up these two luxuries!  The drive to Midvale would have been worth just the steam room experience alone, without anything else on the menu.  It was AMAZING! I want my husband to build me one in our house!


Part of the Midvale Steam Room

The steam room resembles a gargantuan shower, only without shower heads.  It has a tile bench inside that wraps around the entire room so there is plenty of room to sit or lay.  Sego Lily provides plenty of towels so you can not only wrap up in one, but wrap your hair up in one (if steam is it’s enemy like mine), and use one to sit on.  I was lucky enough to be inside all by little ol’ self!  That was incredible! I had a very stressful week and was carrying a load of burdens with me as I entered the spa.  I had a hard time letting them go even once inside the steam room.  It took me about ten minutes to just relax and let loose.  It was almost impossible not to with that hot steam saturating me from head to toe.  It felt like it was penetrating deep into my soul.  It was one of the most relaxing feelings I have ever experienced. The only sound I could hear was the steam coming from the pipe.  That in and of itself was very calming!

Once I did finally loosen up, I rolled up an extra towel to use as a pillow and laid down on the bench and just absorbed the healing penetrating steam.  img_5877I was able to control the amount of steam I desired.  I really cranked it up (one of the good things about being alone in there!) and had it blasting full force.  I had that steam so thick I couldn’t see my hand in front of me!  I started to get just a wee bit claustrophobic and so I turned it down a bit.  I REALLY enjoyed it!  The feeling of being engulfed in a thick, heavy, warm, wet fog was very soothing.  I would compare it to being wrapped up in a snuggly warm blanket with the one you love. ♥  Only in the steam room, you don’t even need your loved one to feel all warm and fuzzy.  It inspired the feeling that all is well.  I honestly believed it did heal my soul because I felt so peaceful when I exited the room.  The only thing I would do different is to go in after I have my massage so I could just zone out completely without worrying about the time.

img_5881I did reserve some time so I could also test out the sauna. I have always loved the smell of saunas.  They’ve always been complete with their own aromatherapy even before aromatherapy was invented.  I was able to lay inside and close my eyes while closing out the world and just letting go of it all. After the steam shower and the sauna, I could have just got dressed and gone home a new woman!  BUT…there was NO way I was going to fore-go my stone therapy!

img_5883After the sauna I went in the waiting/meditation room.  It was there I met Corinne who was to be my therapist for the day.  As we walked in the room I saw a big pot of smooth black rocks being heated up.  I couldn’t wait for those babies to be rubbed across my sore back muscles!


Before Corinne got started she asked me what scent of aromatherapy I preferred for the oil.  I had the choice of  lemongrass, peppermint, lavender, or the specially made Sego Lily blend.  Corinne thoroughly explained to me what each one would help with.  I had a hard time choosing between the Sego Lily one and lavender.  The peppermint and lemongrass seemed way too energetic for a relaxing massage.  I finally decided upon lavender…and no, NOT just because it’s purple either!  When she told me lavender promotes restful sleep, eases stress, depression, and tension, lessens pain including headaches, I was sold.  I am sure I made the right choice because the scent was so calming.

Stone therapy is an ancient healing art used for physical and spiritual balancing.  Those ancients were pretty smart!  The warm stones help relax the body at its deepest level using various massage techniques .  It is claimed to be effective at dissolving stress and creating a positive energy flow while promoting a sense of balance, energy, and peace.  In addition, hot stone massage can also help release chronic muscle tension and pain, reduce mental and physical fatigue, improve concentration, reduce anxiety, and reduce blood pressure.  Quite the resume for a little rock!   Those things are all great, but just that incredible heat penetrating deeply into my pores as the stones are massaged on my body is enough for me!


Corinne was careful to make sure the temperature of the rocks were just right for me.  Just having those smooth, heated stones placed on my skin felt incredible, but once she started to massage them deeply into my muscles, I was so relaxed, I was almost stoned!  This massage is the ultimate for someone like me who is a lover of heat AND massages.  The combination of the two is amazing.

The ancient dude that came up with this treatment was a genius! I am not sure I will ever be able to enjoy a regular “stone-less” massage again.  But, I promise I will give it a try!


One of the best parts of the whole treatment was being wrapped up so warmly and tightly while the heat from the rocks still penetrated through the blankets.  Corinne took great care to make sure I was experiencing the ultimate in comfort with my neck pillow and wonderful lavender scented eye pillow.  I was nearly out like a rock!

At one point Corinne placed hot wash cloths on my face and wrapped my feet in them.  That felt sooooooooooo gosego-lily-spaod!  I was so relaxed at this point that if a fire alarm had sounded, I would have been totally oblivious and told them to just leave me be.  Moving me would be like moving a rock.  I wasn’t going anywhere for anyone or anything!  This was probably the most relaxed I have been so far for any of the massages I have had.  I was so sad to see the end of this one come.  As Corinne was stepping out she told me to be sure and get up very slowly.  Trust me, there was no other speed at this point!   I was in slow-mo for the entire rest of the day!   Talk about feeling a little stoney.



Me with Corinne standing by the water wall. I'm still looking a little stoned!


Corinne and me standing in the gorgeous hall at the Midvale location. It is so beautiful!


Checking out the various aromatherpies.


Decisions! Decisions!

I need one that will ENERGIZE after being “stoned” Rocky Mountain style!
Be sure and take advantage of this month’s special on the Rocky Mountain Stone Massage! During October Sego Lily will be offering the 60 minute massage for just $73 (regularly $85) and the 90 minute version for $94 (regularly $110)!!!  Trust me, (at least for a stone’s throw) this will be worth every penny and then some!
The Rocky Mountain Stone Massage rocks!!!

Photofacial and Laser Hair Removal ~ (bring out the big guns!)

This was my first experience with both the Photofacial and Laser Hair Removal.   I have to admit I was a little nervous for both, but very happy my esthetician was Kirsten again.  If you recall I dubbed her my new BFF in my Microdermabrasion post because of the great results from that treatment.  After experiencing these however, I am now re-thinking that!  Let me put it this way…being zapped with intense light and a laser gun are not the most relaxing OR stress relieving things on the planet and definitely not something your BFF would inflict on you. In fact, I cannot lie.  It was painful!  I don’t know about you, but when I enter a “spa”, my mind-set is on being pampered, not tortured! This time around, there were no peaceful relaxing moments to bask in while all my worries and cares faded away into oblivion.  Nope.  It was more like me laying there all tensed up, kind of like I am in the dentists chair, anticipating the next zap from the big guns! Okay, I admit, I’ve been spoiled by all the other amazing tranquil induced treatments Sego Lily has showered (literally) on me!  So, I guess in order for me to keep it all in perspective I will try to remember that there IS a cost to beauty and that cost isn’t always pleasant.  And the important thing is to focus on the results, not the process. Right?  Um… right!

To start off Kirsten put some protective glasses on me and gooped up my face with gel in preparation for the Photofacial. I have a picture of me in this mode, but my husband told me it was very unflattering of me and to re-think posting it!  Gee thanks hon!  Obviously I listened.  So you will just have to picture in your mind my hair all wrapped up in a towel, zero make-up, tons of goop smothering my entire face, and white goggles sucking my eyes into my head.  Actually maybe the real picture would be less scary than the one I just put in your mind!

The Photofacial procedure is fairly simple actually.  Kirsten just aimed her gun at me and pulled the trigger as she went around my face and neck. As she pulled the trigger, a fairly powerful zap of light was ejected into my skin.  Did I feel it?  Yep.  I wouldn’t say it was horribly painful, but it wasn’t pleasant either.  It felt like someone was snapping my face with a rubber-band over and over each time she zapped me.  It was a different sensation when she zapped around my mouth however.  She said dental fillings tends to make it a little more intense.   Umm…yep, intense would be the correct word!  Nothing unbearable but definitely not the same experience as a relaxing massage.  I should have scheduled one of those for immediately after!

For those of you like me, that are unfamiliar with exactly what a Photofacial is, let me explain.  Photofacial is a new advanced non-laser Intense Pulse Light (IPL) technology that delivers precise amounts of light energy through the skin’s surface to stimulate the production of collagen.  And as we all know, collagen is a good thing.  As new collagen forms, fine lines and wrinkles are softened and redness is reduced.  Photofacial treatments help restore a more youthful appearance, improve skin texture and increase moisture to the skin.  It is also effective for rosacea – reducing overall redness and dilated capillaries. The best part of it is there is no downtime, unlike some other facial treatments.  You can leave the spa with really no evidence you had anything done.  Kirsten did tell me in a few days that some parts of my skin may have some dark flecks on it that resemble coffee grounds.  I did experience that, but it was so minute no one could tell but me.  And the good thing is, after only one treatment (three or four are recommended for best results) I noticed a difference.  It was worth every unpleasant little zap after all.  I predict Photofacials are going to become even more popular than they are right now because results are quickly evident with a minimal amount of time involved and of course having no downtime is a real bonus!  This is something I definitely want to do again.

After Kirsten finished the Photofacial it was time for me to experience hair removal, laser style.  My underarms were the lucky winner.  When she pointed that gun at me,  I immediately put my hands up (er… arms), yet she still pulled the trigger!  Ouch!  Now what kind of a BFF would do that?  I had talked to several people that had laser hair removal done and so I thought I knew what to expect.  Most of them said my arm would feel like I hit my funny bone over and over during the procedure (they were very right about that!), but as far as pain, most claimed it wasn’t too bad.  I would agree with that for the most part, but there was about a five second time span right at the end, that really hurt!  The whole process was very quick with each arm taking only about a minute or two.  Kirsten knew what she as doing and saved the worst zaps for last thankfully.   To describe the sensation for this I would say it felt like 100 tiny needles were being injected into my skin with each zap.  I felt like I had no control over the nerves in my arm, kind of like when a doctor hits your patella to test your reflexes and your leg  just does its thing without asking you first if it’s okay.  Overall the laser was definitely more painful than the Photofacial.  In fact, while laying there having it done, I began wondering why so many people choose to do this on their own free will!  In order to see results, one treatment isn’t enough.  Most people need at least three of four to really see results with laser hair removal depending on their own hair and skin type.  When Kirsten said I would need to have it repeated a few more times,  I remember thinking to myself, “No way am I willingly doing that again!”  But now that some time has passed, I can see that the minimal amount of discomfort is definitely worth the end result of never having to shave!

As far as after pain, I didn’t really experience any.  I was concerned because I was running a 10K race the next morning and was afraid the friction of rubbing my arms back and forth as I ran would cause some real discomfort, but it didn’t.  The time involved for both the Photofacial and Laser Hair Removal is very short, but the results are long lasting.  And anything that is long lasting is worth any discomfort that may be involved to get there.  Uh huh.  Yep.  Of course.  I am glad I was able to experience both of these treatments and hope to be able to again. If you are thinking about either one of these treatments, go for it!  You’ll be glad you did.  Maybe not DURING the procedure, but most definitely AFTER! But… if I were you, I’d schedule a long and relaxing massage immediately after!

I’ve even decided that Kirsten will remain my new BFF because after all, a real friend would help you do what you need to do in order to look your best even if there is a little pain involved!!!   Thanks Kirsten and Sego Lily for making the world a more beautiful place just one zap at a time!


Kirsten in her protective shades with the BIG GUNS!


Me and Kirsten relaxing in the meditation room. THIS was the ONLY time I was relaxed during this entire visit!!!


We decided we earned some serenity...after all we are at a SPA!


Best part of the entire treatment!


We're really living it up! I deserve it after all that zapping! In fact, I think I need a massage too!