In a kingdom not too far away, there once was a girl…(okay a little older than a girl, but she was female!)

This girl had a blog.
Also in this kingdom there was a luxurious spa named Sego Lily Day Spa where the utmost in royal pampering treatments were given. A royal decree was heard throughout all the land that this spa was having a contest to select a royal blogger for their spa. The winner would become the most pampered princess in all of the kingdom!
The girl blogger was encouraged by her dear aunt to enter Sego Lily’s contest. The girl thought, “Why not? To be or not to be, that is the question.  And to be (the winner!)  is the answer!”
So the girl did enter the contest. The girl nearly tossed her royal cookies when the announcement came throughout the land that she was selected as one of the top five Sego Lily bloggers. This thrilled the girl! The girl worked wearily petitioning her fellow bloggers and friends to vote for her to become the new royal Sego Lily blogger. Her fellow bloggers and friends grew weary of the girl’s constant outcries begging for support. At times they wanted to toss her into the mote. But they never complained or let her down once. They supported her throughout the long and intense ordeal.
The girl knew the odds of her becoming the royal winner were slim because the other four damsels were some of the best bloggers in the land. But she still kept her hopes high. The girl was in constant wonderment about the big day when the royal winner would be announced.
Finally, one day the girl was asked to meet at the royal Sego Lily Day Spa for the much anticipated announcement of the lucky winner. She was told to brinblog-winner-63-17g her family and friends along as well. The girl was beyond excited to finally learn who would become the most pampered princess of all the kingdom. How she was hoping it would be her!
They all gathered at the royal Sego Lily palace with intense anticipation!


The girl’s family and friends were all escorted into the back of the Sego Lily palace while she waited in the luxurious parlor to meet and talk with the fair damsel Jackie, who was to tell the girl which blogger was chosen as the winner. The girl was a bit surprised when no announcement was made and the beautiful damsel Jackie asked the girl to come hither to the back of the palace with her.
The girl curiously followed her to the back and as she opened a door to enter she was greeted very loudly with party horns, confetti flying, and excited screams of Congratulations!” by her royal family and frieimg_5038nds and the entire spa family!  A crown was placed upon her head and she was given the most beautiful bouquet of flowers she had ever seen! A scrumptious royal feast was also spread for all to enjoy.  There was much merriment in the palace.
She had won! She was to become the most pampered princess in all of the kingdom!
The girl was in royal shock! 
And continues to be to this day.  The only thing that will bring her out of it is a few massages and a lot of pampering.
Sego Lily to the rescue, once again, of a damsel in distress!
There you have it.  That’s the story…
Oh…and of course, she lived happily ever after!!!  Or at least happily for  ONE full year and 24 treatments after!
Can someone pinch me! Or better yet, massage me! I still can’t believe this is happening! Is it really true???
What an honor! A true honor. I feel so humbled.  I must say each one of the other four finalists deserved this every bit as much as I did. If there was a way to share it, I gladly would! I am grateful we were able to do the TV segment in the beginning so I could meet them. Angie with her bright and warm smile. Amanda’s wit and clever poster. Heather who is just as sweet as she can be. Unfortunately Robin was unable to make it and so I didn’t get to meet her, but I love her blog. Each one is so gifted and talented, that I feel honored to just be in the top five with them. Thank you to each, for being so kind and gracious. You really are all amazing women.
Thank you to my incredible family and friends for your undying support!  I am so blessed to have such an amazing support system in my life!  I was blown away by how many of you went the extra mile to help me out.  You were there when I needed you most.  You were there when things were smooth sailing and more importantly when the seas got a little rough.  How can I ever re-pay you?  I know, I know, by taking you with me for each treatment!  Oh, how I wish I could!  Thank you all from the deepest part of my heart!  ♥
And a huge thank you to Sego Lily for your generosity and for how wonderful and memorable you made the celebration for me and my family and friends. Everything was done with such class and style, just like your spa. I was, and continue to be, overwhelmed by your generosity and support. I look forward to working with you and getting to know you all much better. I can’t thank you enough! But I will continue to try.
I hear the music playing… but one last THANK YOU TO ALL who helped me in any way!
Here are a few more photos from the INCREDIBLE DAY!

Thanks again to Sego Lily and to all my friends and family and even the many strangers who supported me!  You royally rock!!!